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At North Petherton Community Primary School we welcome everybody into our community. The Staff, Governors, pupils and parents work together to make North Petherton Community Primary School a happy, welcoming place where children can achieve their full potential and develop as confident individuals. Our SEND provision allows pupils with additional needs the opportunity to follow a curriculum specifically tailored to develop life skills and to give pupils self-confidence through their learning, thus enabling them to maximize their potential and to work independently.


What should I do if I think my child has Special Educational Needs?

If you have any concerns about the learning or development of your child you should speak to their class teacher in the first instance. You can also get in touch with our school SENDCo, Nic van Cole, through the school office. Nic van Cole works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for North Petherton School. 


The following may help to gain an understand of your thoughts and concerns regarding your child. Do you have concerns with any of the following?



  • Do you feel that your child is not making progress?
  • Are they really difficult to engage with homework or reading at home?
  • Are they showing similar (or different) difficulties to other siblings that have had been identified as having SEN?
  • Do they appear to find retaining information problematic?


Health and Wellbeing

  • Does your child have any new health issues that we are not aware of?
  • Have you noticed any problems with vision or hearing?
  • Have their hearing and/or sight been checked recently?
  • Does your child have a regular sleep pattern?
  • Does your child have a healthy appetite?
  • Does your child have a lot of energy, always on the go — or are they more passive?
  • Do they struggle with hobbies, interests and leisure time?
  • Do they find maintaining friendships difficult?
  • Do you feel they lack resilience or have low self-esteem?


Sensory and Physical

  • Does your child have issues with the following:

Hand dryers, loud noises, crowds…?

  • Do they bite/chew clothes or objects?
  • Have you noticed any problems with coordination and balance?
  • Do they find writing with a pencil difficult?


Communication and Interaction

  • Does your child still have difficulties pronouncing words/sounds?
  • Is following an instruction a challenge for them?
  • Do they find social situations difficult to read?
  • Do they find changes to a routine stressful?