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We are the Autumn Petherton Green Team 2023




We are a group of students who are keen to make our school a more environmentally friendly place to learn. We were elected by our classmates to represent each year group and Miss Duncan helps us to reach our goals. 


We are working towards the Woodland trust Green Tree school awards. We currently have 5 points and are working towards 10 points to get our Silver award. Keep your eyes peeled for our challenges and what we are up to as a school. 


The Woodland Trust Green Tree awards





We are currently running a competition to create 3 new mascots for our Eco journey working towards The Woodlands trust Green school awards. 

Create a tree champion

Can you invent your own character who will be a proud voice for woods and trees? Trees can’t speak for themselves. But if they could, what do you think they’d say?

Create your own tree champion. It could be a person, an animal or a made-up creature. They will be a spokesperson for woods and trees, standing up for them and fighting their corner.


There will be a winner in each Key Stage and entry will gain you a point in your all about me passport. 


The closing date is 30/11/22

We can't wait to see your entries and choose the winners.

Good luck!




Well done children for so many amazing entries the Eco- Team have selected their winners and our three Mascots are now on the Eco wall. 


Pip the EYFS winner     

Pip- EYFS winner

Super Leaf- Key Stage one winner

Edwood- Key Stage two winner



Carymoor visitor 

Today we had Gary in from Carymoor. He did assemblies with the whole school, reminding us of the importance of the 3R's- Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. 

In these assemblies he told us about the new Resource, Recovery and Facility site (RRF- for short) where our rubbish is going. This means that our rubbish is burnt, rather than being taken to the landfill sites. 

He also reminded us about what things can be recycled and where we might be able to do that whether it be at home or at a recycling centre. 



Year 4 were lucky enough to work with Gary and look even further at the 3R's 

They did a little bit of sorting the waste we have in our house, then they looked at things which can be used to make something new.




The Eco-Team and the School Council worked with Gary in the afternoon we thought about all of the really good things we are already doing in school including using our recycling bins, litter picking and looking after our school. We also thought about what we might like to do next to make a positive impact on our school. Finally we made our very own paper bead bracelet. 




Bronze award

Today we had confirmation that we have been awarded the Bronze award which we were working towards during the Autumn term. 



Food waste


The Eco Team decided they wanted to work toward getting 2 points from the Green tree awards by trying to reduce our co2 emissions. We started this off by weighing the food waste from the school lunches over a week we wasted 128.9 kg of unwanted food. The Eco team are planning on doing assembly for the children and producing a leaflet for parents. 



Woodland words and images

This is a Green Tree award challenge worth 2 points


Would you like to earn yourself a stamp for you ‘All about me passport’?  Well look no further here is a way you can earn a stamp by enjoying local wooded areas and being creative

Now, that the days are getting lighter, and the weather is getting warmer I am sure you are making the most of exploring at the weekends.  We are very lucky that we have both Kings cliff and the Quantocks within close proximity to our school. Spend time within a local wooded area, climb trees, follow footsteps, look at how the trees are changing. Encourage your child to make them think about how the woodland has made them feel. What was their favourite part? Which sights, sounds and smells did they experience?

Our challenge is express your thoughts and feelings about the woodlands. You could do any of the following or an idea of your own.

  • Create a piece of natural art found in the woods.
  • Write a review of the local woods- which can be displayed on our Eco- wall for others to read.
  • Draw or paint a picture of the woods.
  • Write a poem about their experience.
  • Take photographs of your favourite part and add captions to tell us more (This could even be added to Seesaw for the teachers to see).

Enjoy exploring The Petherton Green Team




Well done to those of you have already been out and about exploring local woods.

I have seen a range of artwork and writing. 

Take a look at some of the things I have seen. 

Olivia wrote about making a stick lady with her cousin















Food waste


This week myself and the Eco team have presented our food waste findings to the rest of the school. We hope that this has enabled the children to think more carefully about waste whilst eating. Remember we wasted 128kg which is the equivalent to an ostrich or a female grizzly bear. 

We have also created a parent guide to how you can help us with reducing our waste. 




March- Year one forest school

Different viewpoints


To gain some more points towards our Silver award, year 1 have been exploring the signs of Spring through different viewpoints. The children went out into the forest school and school grounds area and took lots of photographs. The children's favourite viewpoint was from a bugs eye view. We added these to our seesaw accounts so the adults could see. 

The children told me they liked how the bark looked bumpy and Mr Simpson said he how enjoyed seeing the contrast from sunny and rainy day pictures. 

Here are a

few photos. 






















Silver award


On Wednesday 22nd March we were awarded the Silver Green Tree award after completing the tasks above. 


Thank you for continuing to help us with our challenges.

Keep your eyes peeled for what we decide to do next term.


We will begin to work towards the Gold award in the Summer term.