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Severe Weather – Information for parents

We will, wherever possible keep the school open even with limited function while it is safe and appropriate to do so. If you can bring your children to school safely, even by a different or longer route, then do. We would never expect anyone to put themselves or their children in danger but if there is an alternative method of getting to school, we expect parents to take it. We will only close the school in the event that not enough staff are able to get into school. Some of our staff travel long distances to get to school. Please do not assume the school is closed if it snows. If you are concerned at the possibility of the school closing because of poor weather conditions etc please note the following:


  • The first point for information will be the school website 
  • Parents and carers will be sent a text message from school.
  • Notices will also be posted on the entrances to the school. We will need to keep a school telephone line free therefore please do not telephone the school office.