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Hare Class Y3

Welcome to Hare Class!


Class teacher: Mrs Hill

Year 3 Teaching assistants: Mrs Ardren, Mrs Woodrow and Miss Conlon

Congratulations to Dylan and Oliver for being this week's class dojo stars. They have both continued to read lots over the holidays and used scientific terms correctly. Well done!

This week in Science, we have been learning and experimenting different types of rock. We went on a rock hunt to find a rock then we decorated them and turned them into pets. In maths, we have learnt about kilograms and grams. We also have had a play on times table rockstars (more info in the homework tab). In PSHE we are looking at what makes us ourselves. We started by discussing the things we are proud to have achieved.

Uh oh!

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Christmas shenanigans

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Try this game at home

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Congratulations to Lilliana for being this week’s reader of the week. 👏🏼

Hare class have been applying their maths measurement skills by creating and making templates for their Santa sleighs 🛷. The children have created a fantastic design and are busy building. They also have a special treat for those at home...

Let there be light! The children have enjoyed creating experiments to see which objects are transparent, translucent and opaque. Next they explored which materials would create a shadow and why. They learnt darkness is the absence of light, shiny items reflect light better than dull items and even created their own sunglasses using translucent materials to protect their eyes from harmful uv rays.

Congratulations Milo for being this week’s reader of the week and Emily for being class dojo superstar. Emily has been working incredibly hard to improve her handwriting and making sure her work is presented neatly. Well done to you guys for the extra effort!

We have a cheeky elf in Hare class. I wonder what mischief he will cause...

Congratulations to even more children passing their number challenges this week. Imogen passed her animal challenge and Ella was our reader of the week. Congratulations to Alfie for having such a positive week and being this week’s class superstar. Alfie never gives up and is always keen to share his knowledge in class.

We have enjoyed a week of cooking and tasting traditional Chanukah food. We learnt in previous lessons the importance of Chanukah to the Jewish faith. Judah Maccabee and his small army stood up for their beliefs against the evil King Antiochus and the Roman Army. Once the Maccabees defeated the Romans they started to rebuild their temples and downs some ‘miracle’ oil that burnt for 8 nights instead of just one. The foods Jewish people cook over Hanukkah are cooked with oil to remind them of the festival of light. 


Why don’t you have a go at making some of the recipes at home? The recipes will be posted soon. 

Monday: cooking potato laksha

Tuesday: noodle kugel

Wednesday: challah bread

Thursday: Sufganiyot

Some super homework about the Somerset levels has started to come in... I can’t wait to see what you have all produced.

Congratulations Harper for being this week’s class dojo superstar. Harper has shown great resilience with her maths this week.

The children had fun experiencing Jewish activities. They acted out the story of Hanukkah, played the dreidel, had a go at writing the Hebrew alphabet and explored different artifacts.


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Congratulations to all the children who have worked hard to pass their number challenges. Lilliana was this week’s class dojo superstar. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to others around her and works hard to do her very best in all lessons.

This week we have been learning about the Somerset Levels and debating whether or not we would like to live on a flood plain. We also considered the impacts of the 2014 floods and if dredging is a good flood defence. We also enjoyed playing the key game. Written by Alana and Emily.

Let's keep moving!

Can you learn this dance ready for the class dance off?

Congratulations to these children for passing their spelling and number challenges. Archie was this week’s class dojo star for some fantastic writing and ideas.

Tommy was very impressed with his publishing of the lost son parable

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Remembrance day: we looked at all the different poppies and discussed what they represented. This is our display we created to show our respect.

In RE, we have been discussing how different parables show Christians messages about how to live their life. Here the girls recreated The Good Samaritan.

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Three times table song

We are beginning to use this video to help us learn the 3 times tables. Remember we need to know up to 12 x 3.

This week we learnt how to code using to make squares. I wonder if anyone can make any other shapes? We also have enjoyed teaching each other how to subtract 3 digits number with exchanging in maths as well as working really hard to retell the story of the lost son.

Marvellous mathematicians! Congratulations to all these children for passing their number challenges.

Well done Maya for being this week’s class dojo star. Maya puts 100% effort into her writing and is a lovely friend to others.

Spelling success! A huge congratulations to these children for passing their spelling challenges

Please have a look at the children’s beautiful river poems.

A snapshot of this week: researching our first artist of the year, Bridget Riley. Teaching each other how to add 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers using exchanging and writing poems inspired by Valerie Bloom. We are beginning to use water colours to publish our poems next week!

We had lots of fun doing the global mile today. The children decided to run, joy or walk for 15 minutes around a course and took part in a whole school ‘actiblast’. Great effort by all!

Congratulations to these children for passing their animal and number challenges this week! Seamus and Oliver were this week’s class dojo superstars. They showed great listening skills and have worked hard to increase their vocabulary in English.

Your child may have come home with a letter about cross country at Brymore Academy. This is a voluntary event and the children received a letter if they wanted one. If your child has changed their mind and would like to participate in the event next week then please collect one from the notice board outside the classroom. 

Well done to Oscar for being this week’s class dojo star. Oscar has focussed in lessons and created some great work.

04.10.21 We have been very busy this week as you can see. In maths we have started addition and subtraction. We used diennes to help us understand how to add numbers that go over the 10s barrier e.g 358 + 5. In science we got to design, create and play a magnet board game and in English we have fallen in love with the book 'Into the forest'. Each time Mrs Hill closed the book we wanted to read more and couldn't wait for English the next day. Please see the separate post for our amazing work about this book. We really loved spotting the fairy tale characters in the pictures. It was like a big game of hide and seek!

Let’s go fishing!

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Some of our games in action

Start your engines!

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I am so proud of the children’s work this week in English. They have shared my excitement and begged me to read ‘just one more page!’ We have loved spotting the hidden messages Anthony Browne subtly shows through his illustrations and discussing fairy tales. The children have worked incredibly hard on their first double page spread of the year. Can they find their own work?

A snapshot of our week. In science we have been investigating with magnets. The children had to discuss a method to help them answer the key question-how does magnetic force work? The children used a paper clip, whiteboard and magnet to help answer this questions. They learnt a magnetic force was invisible and the paperclip could be moved without touching the magnet. In PSHE the children discussed teamwork and we made a web out of string to see what we all had in common. Brodie attended his first school council meeting and fed this information back to the class.

Congratulations to the girls for being our class dojo superstars. They have both been enthusiastic about their learning and have been good role models for the class.

This week in English we did some conjunction work and wrote similes. In science we have been learning about magnets. In maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting 1,10 and 100 to any number (written by Harper and Amelia).

conjunction activity - connecting two simple sentences together.

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We loved this activity. It was so fun!!

This week in PE we practised balancing using different parts of our body and using equipment. We also started looking at place value in 3 digit numbers and making them using diennes. We recreated moments of the 'Flood' by Alvaro Villa by watching a weather forecast and quickly leaving school to prepare for a flood evacuation like the family have to do in the story. In science we looked at different forces and identified these as push or pull.

For our first week in Hare Class, we discussed what it means to make a mistake. We questioned if mistakes are good. Could something beautiful come from a mistake? We then tested this theory out after listening to the 'Beautiful Oops!' and 'the dot'. We took paper with holes and rips in it to see what we could create. Some paper had folded corners. We got creative and chose a variety of mediums to turn our 'mistakes' into something wonderful... Mistakes show we are learning!