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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement for your information.

North Petherton Community School Governing Body 2021/22


Contact number for Chair and Clerk

Tel: 01278 662442 email


The governing body consists of:

3 parent governors

1 LA governor

1 Headteacher

1 staff governor

6 co-opted governors





FGB  Gavin Roberts (chair)

Members of the Business Committee

Rhys Gwillym (chair), Edward Hetherington, Gary Hobbs, Linda Hyde, Gavin Roberts.

Members of the Education and Welfare Committee

Linda Hyde (chair), Louise Dennis, Matt Eva, Stephen Freer, Clair Hill, Gary Hobbs, Sarah Penfold.

Members of the Appraisal/Pay Committee

Rhys Gwillym (chair), Matt Eva, Edd Hetherington, Gary Hobbs, Gavin Roberts.


Register of Business Interest

Linda Hyde

Rhys Gwillym

Gavin Roberts


Louise Dennis-Smith

Co-opted governor

Term of office – 17.07.18 - 16.07.22


Matt Eva

Local Authority

Term of office – 05.11.21 - 04.11.25


Stephen Freer

Parent governor

Term of office - 05.12.18 - 04.12.22


Rhys Gwillym

Co-opted governor

Term of office – 06.12.16 - 05.12.24

Business Interest



Edward Hetherington

Parent governor

Term of office - 08.10.18 - 07.10.22


Clair Hill

Staff governor

Term of office - 06.10.21 - 05.10.25


Gary Hobbs


Term of office – 01.09.12


Dominic Hodges

Co-opted governor

Term of office - 10.12.20 - 09.12.24


Linda Hyde

Co-opted governor

Term of office - 12.12.21 -  11.12.25

Business Interest

North Petherton Town Council - Councillor


Rebecca Marshall

Parent governor

Term of office - 03.11.21 - 02.11.25


Sarah Penfold

Co-opted governor

Term of office – 01.09.19 – 31.08. 23


Gavin Roberts

Co-opted governor 

Term of office - 16.07.18 -  15.07.22

Business Interests

Maxwells Chartered Accountants - Partner

Masquerades Carnival Club - Glastonbury Festival Manager

The Shallows Property Management Co Ltd – Director

Bridgwater Chamber of Commerce - Director