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Digital Leaders

Hello and welcome to our page.


This term we will be showcasing some of the exciting things you can do with technology.


What are digital leaders?

Our Digital Leaders are students who attend computing club and have been trained and know how to use technology and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. Through working with Mrs Lawrie, our peers and school leaders, we are able to help shape how technology is used in and outside of the classroom.

See the source imageThis week's focus...


What's great to do with a PowerPoint?


These are some of the ideas we've explored so far:

  • You can change the background to make it really cool and jazzy.
  •  You can add hyperlinks that you can then click on to take you straight to a website (or you could add a QR code!)
  •  You can add animations and transitions to make text and pictures move, appear and disappear in exciting ways.
  •  You can also change font designs, colours and sizes to add interest to your writing.


Watch this space, we'll be adding links to some of the PowerPoints we have created ourselves!



Other great stuff we've reviewed...

What's great on Scratch?   


You can create your own characters and backgrounds. You can then program them to bring them to life. So you could make your characters walk, turn around and do cart wheels, disappear and even make a clone of themselves. You can make them talk, create sound effects, add music and make them fly. 

Click on the blue words to find links to Scratch and other great activities you can do yourself:

Get Started tutorial

Great ideas from the Scratch website

Lost in Space animation and other great games



Qr Coding          


So what is a QR Code? 


  • QR Code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code.
  • It is a special kind of barcode that anybody can scan with a smartphone app that usually directs the user to a website. 
  • QR Codes are very popular in commercial marketing because they are so easy! Rather than typing in an entire web address, the user can scan the code and they are there.


See if you can find any while you're out and about!


If you would like to download a QR Code Hunt to play at home, click on the link below, print out the document, hide each page in a different place. Scan the first code. This will give you a clue to find the right picture and the next QR code. Have fun!


See the source image

Try some of these:

2Code: You can make your own program and games. You can even design   your own avatars.


Fractonio's Pizzeria: People ask you for fractions of a pizza and you get to make it for them. It helps you with fractions in maths.


Fraction Wall: This is another great way of learning your fractions using a Tetris-style game.


2Animate: You can practically make your own cartoon.


Design your own toys: it's a lot of fun and you can get really creative.