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Hello and welcome to our page.


What are digital leaders?

Digital Leaders are students who have been trained and know how to use technology and are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others. Through working with Miss Bradford, our peers and school leaders, we are able to help shape how technology is used in and outside of the classroom.


What have we been doing this term?

Update: November 2016 

We have been very busy this term. Firstly, we have been learning about cyber bullying linked to Anti-Bullying Week 2016. We did our first presentation to the whole school. We are also in the process of earning our Purple Mash digital leader badges which is really exciting. We also learnt this week that the PTA are kindly donating £4000 for 16 brand new ipads for KS1. As soon as they are up and running, we will be helping the KS1 children use them. 


Update: Jan 2017

We hope you all had a nice Christmas. We are busy organising our Coding Day in March. We have also been collecting data about what computing equipment we use in school. This will help us to plan what we are going to help with next. 


Update: March 2017

This term we have ordered lots of new amazing resources (beebots, a green screen, micro bits, sainburys animation kit, new ipads and ozobots)! We are in the process of going around the school to teach people about these exciting new tools.smiley We are also very busy getting ready for computing day and we hope everyone will enjoy it very much.


Update: September 2017

Miss Bradford is very busy this term working with Years 2-4 in her weekly computing club. She had over 100 children sign up so she will be running a half termly club from September until February. Each week children will get the chance to explore one aspect of computing. This is include lego animation and 3D design. 


If you have any questions or troubles about these tools please come and see to a digital leaderno 


Jan 2018:


A few pictures from computing club this term. We are really enjoying it! 

Busy creating Lego characters for our animations in computing club

Busy creating Lego characters for our animations in computing club 1
Busy creating Lego characters for our animations in computing club 2

Blogs and Pictures:


The digital leaders would like to share some of the great computing work that is happening at North Petherton. 

Anti Bullying Week 2016 with a Cyber Bullying focus


We looked at Cyber Bullying in each class. We produced videos, poems, posters and powerpoint presentations.  The best poster from KS1 and KS2 will be displayed in each classroom to remind us about what we had learnt. 



Computing Day - 21st April 2017


Computing Day was a fantastic success. Each class used technology to support their learning. Here are some pictures of the day. 


Congratulations to Sasha who won a portable DVD player. 

What a great day!

What a great day! 1
What a great day! 2
What a great day! 3
What a great day! 4
What a great day! 5
What a great day! 6
What a great day! 7
What a great day! 8
What a great day! 9
What a great day! 10
What a great day! 11
What a great day! 12
What a great day! 13
What a great day! 14
What a great day! 15
What a great day! 16
What a great day! 17
What a great day! 18
What a great day! 19
What a great day! 20
What a great day! 21

Computing Exhibition

Computing Exhibition 1
Computing Exhibition 2
Computing Exhibition 3
Computing Exhibition 4
Computing Exhibition 5
Computing Exhibition 6
Computing Exhibition 7
Computing Exhibition 8
Computing Exhibition 9
Computing Exhibition 10
Computing Exhibition 11
Computing Exhibition 12
Computing Exhibition 13
Computing Exhibition 14
Computing Exhibition 15
Computing Exhibition 16

Computing Club Planning - If you want to download any of the apps the names are here