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We hope you have enjoyed Wizzy's adventures over the last few months as much as we have!! He is going to have a well earned rest in his castle over the summer!! 

Have a good holiday

 Mrs Tainton & Wizzy, Mrs Gibbon & Cockroft

3rd May 2020

I was feeling a bit lonely at school, so I have come to stay with Mrs Tainton for a while. Check in to see what I have been up to each day!

Love from Wizzy

17.7.20 Today is last day of term and I have had a great time. I loved having my photo taken with the children yesterday. I will miss them over the holidays-it will be very quiet in the castle! 
16.7.20 I had lots more fun with the children in school today. I just had to get my picture taken with Esme because of her fantastic maths work!!! All the children were counting the animals and using that information for a bar graph. Well done Esme and all of Red group.
15.7.20 We spent the day making masks in Red group for our bug ball on Friday! I made a parrot mask with PURPLE FEATHERS around my eyes, Because purple is my faaaaaaaavourite colour!!! What animal would you put on a mask?!
14.7.20 Wow! I had lots and lots of fun learning a brand new song today. It is all about animals!!! I love animals and singing. I am so good at singing! Can you think of any songs that have animals in?

Animal song

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13.7.20 I had lots of fun today in Red Group! We talked about all the legs that animals have. How many legs do you have? 


10.7.20 Today I had lots of fun on my last day with yellow group! The children read the story of Oliver's Milkshake and then made their own milkshake collages...I thought they were going to be really yummy, but they tasted of paper!!! What would you put in your milkshake to make it really yummy?
09.07.20 I was fast asleep in my castle when I heard the children calling me, so I tried to wake up but I was so, so tired.  The children kept getting louder and louder but I was having a nice dream about lots of fruit and vegetables growing in my castle garden.   Then I had a real surprise, Isla had also been growing lots of vegetables in her garden and she had bought some into school to show the children...I took some runner beans and carrots for my tea, ssshhh! 
08.07.20 In Yellow group the children have been thinking about healthy and unhealthy foods this week. I like lots of food so I thought I would have lunch with the children. I wanted to see if they had any healthy foods to eat. Look at all of the yummy things I found! 
07.07.20  Today I had lots of fun with Yellow group.  They were busy making patterns inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and used natural materials to make a circular pattern.  I think they would be great in my castle.  What do you think?
06.07.20 I had a lot of fun in Yellow group today.  They read one of my favourite stories Oliver's Vegetables and then some children took me into our garden to see the different fruit and vegetables they have been growing at school.  What different things can you see?
03.07.20 I had my last day with Blue group today.  It was a lot of fun this week, but I am getting very tired.  I keep hearing about rules for dragons who go to school.  I'm glad there are no rules for Wizards, because if I'm not allowed to sleep, I will be a very, very tired Wizard! Still I can enjoy a peaceful weekend in my castle, especially as Cockcroft is still away! I can't wait to enjoy a week in Yellow group next week.

02.07.20 Wow! We had a lot of dragons in Blue group today.  At first I was scared of them, but then I heard about the story of Sparkwell Stokes the dragon and realised he was friendly and he went to school.  Then all of the children had written some rules which dragons have to follow at school.  They included:


  • No flying
  • No breathing fire
  • No snatching
  • No turning invisible (even when playing hide and seek)


Then I wasn't scared of them.  I think they liked me! But I know I am so, so, so, so clever, not like the dragons.

01.07.20  Today I had a long sleep all morning as I was very tired cleaning up the castle.  It's very big and has lots of rooms!  This afternoon all of the lovely children in Blue group were very excited to see me.  They had been working really hard & wanted to show me their work. One of them had even drawn a picture of me, looking clever, because I'm so, so clever, did you know?  The children wanted Cockcroft, but he's gone off flying again. I never know where he is!
30.06.20  Today was so, so, so fun! The children were very happy as they had been learning about a dragon who went to school but couldn't roar! They wanted to get a gold star just like Zog in the story.  Look at the clever maths work they have all done.  These children are nearly as clever as me
29.06.20  I had so much fun today!! I had a very restful weekend in my Castle, as I haven't been home for a long, long time and it was a bit dusty.  I had some help from Cockcroft to clean it up though.  Now it sparkles.  Today I was in Blue group and Esme and Elliott worked so, so hard, they are nearly as clever as me, but not quite.  All of the children made a super big rainbow as we wanted to say thank you to all of the doctors and nurses, just like Princess Pearl and Sir Galahad in our story Zog.  I wanted to help but I was afraid I might lose my magic wand.
26.6.20 I was just thinking about my leaving party last night. We had a BBQ and then sat round the fire playing card games. It was so much fun. I'll miss staying with Mrs Tainton and her family. I'm sure they will miss me too. Next week I will be in blue group for the week and I'll be looking to see who is working hard! It's very exciting! 

25.6.20  Today was my last day at Mrs Tainton's house. I have been here a loooong time now and I need to go and check on my castle and see how Cockroft is.

But don't worry, I will still write my diary until the end of term-I am going to be seeing what the children in school are doing. And if you are at home you can join in too! If you want to show me some work, email it to Mrs Tainton, Mrs Gibbon or Mrs Kimmins and tell them it is for me and I will have a look. You might even have a picture of your work on here too! 

I have had a lovely time with Mrs Tainton and her family, I will miss staying with them. I hope you have enjoyed my diary? Love from Wizzy

Goodbye Wizzy

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24.6.20 It was so hot today, I decided to make a yummy salad for dinner! Yum yum 
23.6.20 Today it was Miss Warren's birthday. We had balloons and birthday cake (yum!). Do you think she is as old as me yet?
22.6.20 Today was SO exciting. I went for a walk past the hospital and saw the Air Ambulance. The paramedics saw me and asked if I would like to have a look at the helicopter! It was amazing and they are so brave and clever-even cleverer than me! I had a great time, but then they had to fly off to help someone. Thank you to the Air Ambulance for letting me have a look. 
21.6.20 As it was Father's Day today, I went to visit my Dad, Wozzy. He had a very, very long beard and he is 1279 years old!! We had a lovely time catching up and I told him all about you children and how much fun we have together. He asked if he could meet you all one day too?
20.6.20 I've been doing some crosswords and word searches today. They are easy peasy lemon squeezy because I am so, so clever!! 
19.6.20 Princess Eliza asked me to help her, by making a potion to turn the bad wizard into a good one.  The children in school worked out what ingredients we needed for the spell-some pretty shells, a drop of sunshine, 3 stars, some glitter, 10 drops of bottled laughter and a sprinkle of hugs. All things to make him nice and happy.  Eliza helped me make the potion this evening and it is now fizzing away ready for when I find that naughty wizard! I hope it works! I just need to remember the magic words. 
18.6.20 I met Princess Eliza today and she told me all about the bad wizard who made her do all the horrible jobs. Do you think I need to do some magic and turn him into a good wizard?
17.6.20 Ooh look what I found...more purple food! I don't think these are super hero foods like the vegetables I found last time, but I think they will be yummy hee hee.  Do you think I should share them with Cockroft when I go to school tomorrow?
16.6.20 Today Mrs Tainton's son decided to teach me how to play a computer game. It was very fun, but also a bit fast and hectic. I think I may be a bit old to play computer games. I am 987 years old you know! 
15.6.20 Guess what I found in Mrs Tainton's studio today...that's right, all of her buttons! All of her PURPLE buttons!! I had so much fun playing with them. How many buttons do you think there are? I tried to count them, but got a bit muddle after getting to 200 (even though I am very, very clever!). Can you count that many? I wonder what I will find tomorrow?!
14.6.20 I loved Mrs Tainton's purple flowers she got so much, that I decided to go on a purple flower hunt!! Can you count how many I found? How many do you think are in your garden?
13.6.20 Mr Tainton bought Mrs Tainton some flowers, but I think they were really for me because they are purple and purple is my favourite colour!!! I am absolutely sure they are for me for being so, so, so clever!! 

12.6.20 Today the children at school asked me to find the Magic Key, so I had a good rummage in my castle and I found it! The children sang, "There's a story in my key" and the key took us on an adventure to meet the 3 Billy Goats Gruff - there was even a troll!!! I've put the key in a safe place at school, so I don't lose it again.

Where would you like to go on a magic key adventure?

11.6.20 Today at school the children made masks to become super heroes and I made a mask too! I am SUPER WIZZY now! Then we were searching for Evil Pea and we found him!!! He said he was sorry for being so naughty and the children decided to change his name to Happy Pea!!
10.6.20 Supertato has spent ALL day looking for evil pea and I have been looking too. Have you seen him? We think he must be somewhere close by...
9.6.20 You will never guess who came to Mrs Tainton's house today... Supertato!!! That must mean that evil pea is somewhere about. I'll be keeping a look out for him. Have you seen him at all?
8.6.20 I went for a long bike ride today-Do you like my bike? It is actually Mrs Tainton's bike, but I love it, because it is a purple colour (which is my favourite colour don't you know?!). Mrs Tainton told me that lots of you have been leaning to ride your bikes recently, which is really, really clever, just like me smiley
7.6.20 I cooked the dinner again this evening!! I made a vegetable plait. I think I am becoming a Really good cook -I hope that Cockroft is going to like all these yummy meals when I go back to the castle! What do you think?
6.6.20 guess who came round for a visit today? It was Geraldine the giraffe! We had a lovely chat about how good I am at my phonics now! Geraldine is a still learning! 
5.6.20 Today in school I saw Mrs Leach, Miss Warren and Mrs England. It was so nice to see them again and they said they had missed me!! 
4.6.20 I went back to school today and saw some of the children. Can you guess who else I saw? That's right, Mrs Gibbon and Mrs Kimmins! It was so nice to see them again! 
3.5.20 Today I helped with the shopping. It was really, really fun scanning all the food to put in the trolly! I bought plums, blueberries, aubergine, red cabbage, blackberries, figs and red grapes...because they are all my favourite colour-PURPLE! Would you like a purple dinner?!
2.5.20 Mrs Tainton put up some new fairy lights in her garden-don't they look pretty?! I think they look magical-they remind me of my castle! 
1.6.20 It has been really hot again today, so we had a BBQ! I helped cook the sausages, but I had to be careful as my beard nearly caught on fire! I enjoyed my yummy sausages! 
31.5.20 Today was Mrs Tainton's birthday, so I gave her a present in a purple (my favourite colour) gift bag! She loved it. Later on her son made everyone pizza for dinner and he let me help too! They were really yummy pizzas. Maybe I will have pizza when it is my birthday! 
30.5.20 wow! I saw a real life rocket take off! This evening the space x rocket took off in America and then later on when it was dark, we saw it pass over in the night sky. That was really amazing! 
29.5.20 Mrs Tainton and all the other teachers and assistants went into school today to sort out the classrooms. I went with her to check on my castle and had an amazing surprise!!! Watch the video to find out what it was....

Wizzy's surprise

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28.5.20 Hello children and hello Cockroft! I really like your photos Cockroft! But you still haven't found me. I hope you find me soon! Maybe I should give you some directions?

Guess what children? I am now really, really good at reading! I have been practicing while I've been staying with Mrs Tainton. Here is a video for you, so you can tell me how clever I am!! Yay. I can read all the books now. I wonder if Cockroft will be as clever as me when I see him again? I hope you enjoy the video. 

Wizzy wants to read you a story!

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27.05.20 Hey Wizzy, it's me Cockcroft.  I saw you taking pictures with the camera, so I thought I would try and take a selfie!  I went flying around again today. I found a house, but I don't think it's the castle.  I did meet some new friends. Would you like to be friends with them as well Wizzy?  I hope I see you soon, I do miss you! sad
26.5.20 Mrs Tainton needed to take some photos of her art work today, so I decided to help.  I think I am quite good at photography actually and Mrs Tainton said I was really, really helpful! Are you being helpful too?

25.5.17 Today I have been doing a different kind of cooking! Mrs Tainton's son wanted to make some elderflower cordial, so we went to the park to pick some elderflowers and then we boiled some water and sugar and put the flowers in to it with some lemons. I wonder if it will taste nice? It has to stay in the pot for a whole day-so I haven't tried it yet. 


Cockroft was being very silly wasn't he?! He thought that a tortoise was a moving stone. That made me giggle. I think I would like a tortoise in the castle though. 

25.05.20 Hey Wizzy, its me Cockcroft! You looked great in those photos!  I would look great too!  I was enjoying sitting in my favourite tree today when a looked down and saw a rock, MOVING!  I was so surprised I squawked and squawked, until Mrs Gibbon came out and showed me it wasn't a moving rock, it was her tortoise. I think he liked me as he came 'running' to see me!  Could we have a tortoise in the castle Wizzy? 


23.5.20 I've had lots of fun playing with Mrs Tainton's phone to take funny pictures of myself. 😁 Which is your favourite? I like the stars✨
22.5.20 Mrs Tainton's elderly neighbour needed help with trimming her dog today, so I went along to help! Isn't she cute?! Her name is Lottie and she was very good while I brushed her. I also went and looked for Cockcroft, he said he's flying around on the Quantock hills! Have you seen him? 
21.05.20 Hey Wizzy, It's me again!  I went looking for you this morning.  I went up onto the Quantocks and flew around.  I was so high, I was higher than the clouds.  I looked everywhere for you, but I think you were too busy eating ice cream.  I'll keep looking for you Wizzy!

My trip to the Quantocks

20.5.20 It was SO hot today. I had a lovely time in the garden, doing some more planting and then Mrs Tainton let me have a delicious ice cream for being so helpful. YUM!! 
19.5.20 I got Cockroft's message that he is looking for me, so I went in the garden to look for him, but I got distracted by the washing was SO much fun! Hee Hee. Have you seen Cockroft?


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18.05.20 Hey Wizzy, it's me Cockcroft! I have been having a great time in this garden. I keep looking for you but I can't find you! Where are you?

Exploring Mrs Gibbon's garden!

17.5.20 I have been really helpful today and helped Mrs Tainton to paint her fence. It took a long time and I think I got some paint in my beard!!! It looks good now it is all finished. I am not getting much rest these days...maybe I need to go back to my castle!  
16.5.20 I decided to make the dinner today!! I made vegetable kebabs. They were really yummy. What vegetables can you spot? What did you have for dinner? 
15.5.20 Today Mrs Tainton went to school, so I went with her and I saw two of my friends. We were so happy to see each other, we did a little dance together!! I hope you like it smiley


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14.5.20 I did the homework on Purple Mash today! Do you like my spider's web? I loved looking at all your bugs you made today on there! smileyyes 
13.5.20 Today Mrs Tainton asked me to help water her plants as it is 'Watering Wednesday!' She didn't tell me that she has 85 plants though-It took me a LONG time to water them all!!! 
12.5.20 Today I did some gardening!! I did some planting and then I hid in some flowers that were the same colour as my clothes, so Mrs Tainton couldn't find me! Do you think I had a good hiding place?

Wizzy has a zoom call with his old friend Cockcroft!

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11.5.20 Today I did some sewing and I made a face mask with Mrs Tainton on her sewing machine! What do you think? Do you like the fabric I chose? I has stars on it. I think I look very, very, very handsome smiley
10.5.20 Today I met Mrs Tainton's Guinea pigs. The light brown one is called Hazel and the one that has hair like mine, is called Hermione. They are 3 years old! 
9.5.20 I spent the day today sleeping in the hammock while Mrs Tainton did some gardening. I think she might have wanted me to help her! What do you think?

8.5.20 Today I joined in with the VE day celebrations and had some yummy scones! Did you have a party in your garden? 

I also learnt what it was all about and Mrs Tainton showed me this picture of her grandad who was a pilot, flying planes during WW2.

7.5.20 8pm. I have just joined in with the Clap for Carers! It was amazing to hear everyone clapping!! Did you join in? 


Still image for this video
7.5.20 Mrs Tainton had a zoom call with some of the teachers from school and they let me join in too!! Which teachers can you spot?

6.5.20  Today Mrs Tainton's son brushed my hair!!! I'm not sure I like it. What do you think? 

5.5.20 I had a look at your school work today with Mrs Tainton.  She loves The Hungry Caterpillar SO much, that she has three copies of it and one of them is in German! I couldn't read that one, but the pop up one was really fun! πŸ› πŸ¦‹ Have you enjoyed finding out about The Hungry Caterpillar? 

4.5.20  last night I slept really well. I love sleeping SO much! I've just got up and had breakfast, but I think I'll have a little nap before I do some work! And maybe a small nap after lunch. And maybe just one more before teatime. And 😴 zzz
3.5.20 Today I met Mrs Tainton's cat who is called Zira and she is 18 years old (Not as old as I am!! Can you remember how old I am?) Do you think Zira likes me?