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This Week's Homework

During a normal week at school, all children will have class spellings OR Read,Write,Ink spellings to practise. 


Activity 1: Complete the activity in their spelling logs. If there is not an activity (RWI, Mrs Hill spellings) then we ask an adult to please sign the spelling list to show your child has practised the words. 


Activity 2: Complete their spellings using the handwriting sheets. Please make sure they write two lines for each word. 


Please focus on the letter sizes. Some go to the top of the line (t, b, d) and some below (g, f, p) all other letters like a, c, o should be similar in size. Practise using the guidelines in your folder then have a go on normal lined paper and compare. 

Below are links to other great websites to support your learning at home:


For lots of different Maths, English and Topic resources and to email your teacher:


For Maths and Spelling Games:


To Practice Times Table and Number Bonds:


For a fun maths game linked to Year 3 learning objectives:

Your teacher will set you weekly assignments on here based on your previous learning in class. Don't worry about clicking on anything all you have to do is play the game!