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29th June – 10th July 

Year 5 


This project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about celebrations. Learning may focus and different types of celebrations that take place and who may celebrate them. It could look at how people celebrate different events differently in other parts of the world.  


Planning a Celebration-  

It is time to plan a celebration event of their choice. This could be a birthday party, an Easter hunt or anything else they wish to plan. Tell them they have £150 to spend and 25 guests will be attending. What will the money be spent on? Ask them to plan the celebration considering the location of the event, how they will decorate the venue, what their guests will eat and drink and how they will entertain their guests. Get them to detail the timings of the event and any timings for preparation.  


Time to Design- 

Can they imagine their perfect celebration outfit? What would it look like? What would it be made from? How comfortable would it need to be? Ask them to design a costume for a celebration of their choice. Think about the patterns they would like to incorporate on their design and the cultural traditions.  


Birthdays around the World-  

Birthdays are celebrated differently in different countries. Write an information report detailing how birthdays are celebrated in the following countries: China, England, Spain, Italy and Mexico. Ask your child which country would they like to celebrate their birthday based on their findings? Why?   


What’s the same and what is different?–  

Select a holiday/festival of their choice and research how different countries around the world celebrate this event. They could compare whether it is celebrated at the same time, the outfits people wear, the food eaten etc. Make a video, poster or report of the things they have discovered.  


British Celebrations-  

In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Bonfire Night are just some of the celebrations that take place. Ask your child to choose one celebration day and research how the celebration came to be. Using the information they have found, plot the events on a timeline and include dates, details and pictures/sketches. Now create a poster advertising the celebration day. This could be done on a computer programme of your choice or on paper.