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Otter Class Y4

Welcome to the Summer Term

in Otter Class! 

This term, we are learning all about animals and their habitats.

We will become expert researchers exploring habitats in and around North Petherton and compare these with the habitats we find at Frogmary Green Farm near South Petherton.

PE this term will be on Mondays and Thursdays but kits should be in school at all times.


The children need to make sure they are ready for any hot weather we have this term. This means having a water bottle and sunhat in school every day please.

We had so much fun learning to clean our teeth properly today using disclosure tablets to see where we had missed. What a lot of purple tongues there were!

What a super performance the children gave today to parents, demonstrating all the drumming and flute playing skills they have learnt this year. Well done all of you!

Well done Year 4 for showing such determination and effort in the cross country races today. What a team you are!

What a fabulous day in the sunshine we had at Frogmary Green Farm. We learnt all about the habitats of animals living in the wild and the chickens being reared at the farm. We even had a go at creating our own animal habitats!

We created Jackson Pollack style paintings. It turns out to be a rather messy way to spend time but a whole lot of fun!

Spring 2019 in Otter Class

We have learnt so much about sound in our science lessons through investigating vibrations, using a datalogger to measure volume, and creating our own telephones and musical instruments. We love Science!

We were visited by a lady from Carymoor Environmental Centre. She presented a great assembly about recycling. Then we got to make our own mini-greenhouses - a fantastic way to reuse plastic!

World Book Week in Otter Class

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What a fantastic visit to We The Curious in Bristol we had. We got properly hands-on with science...

We’ve really enjoyed building Anglo-Saxon houses, and were even lucky enough to get out in the sunshine to try our hands at making a hill fort and houses made of wattle and daub...

What a fantastic performace of Mamma Mia by Year 4. Mrs Lawrie and Miss Frost are super proud.

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We had a very important visitor this week - King Alfred! We had lots of questions to ask him.

Autumn 2018 in Otter Class

We investigated Oobleck (a cornflour and water mix) which has both liquid and solid properties - it was very messy but fun to play with.

Then we sorted materials into solids, liquids and gases. Some things are made up of more than one of them, which made the job tricky!

We conducted an investigation to decide where in the classroom Mr Matter could melt the margarine and chocolate he needed for his flapjack. (The cloakroom radiator might just be perfect)

We investigated the changing state of water. One of our challenges was to move water from the kettle to a bowl. We did this by boiling water to create steam. We then cooled it to allow condensation to run along the underside of a pan lid and into the bowl - magic!

Finally, to bring our Science week to a fantastic finish, we tested out what happens to gas if you add mentos to cola. It was explosive fun!

During our “Say No to Bullying” Week, we wrote Haikus about bullying and friendship which we read in assembly. They were very good!

We were so proud of our amazing Roman projects and were very excited to be able to invite the school into our Roman museum to show them all our hard work.

We enjoyed finding out about Roman gods, creating mosaics and making Roman honey cookies today - yum!

We created stick people today and then used the iPads to create stop motion animated videos.

Look at how much fun hard work can be in our maths fluency lesson today...

What handwriting super stars! These two are very proud to be the first in Year 4 to be invited for tea with Mr Hobbs to celebrate their beautiful writing.