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What if my child needs to stay at home

What if your child has to stay at home…?

If your child is too unwell to be in school, there is no expectation for them to complete any work at home. We hope they feel better soon!


If your child (or someone else in the house) is waiting to have a have test and/or the test results, then the following work will be available:

There will be website links with suggested activities to complete on the class page. Your child’s class teacher will contact you (either by phone or email through Purplemash). They may suggest work to finish from class or general activities to support your child’s learning.


If there is a positive test result within the year group (adult or child), Public Health England will direct the school. How will the learning at home work if the ‘bubble’ needs to isolate?

We want to keep the work as straightforward as we can for you. Your child’s teacher will change the class webpage daily to keep you up to date.

English – there will be a 2-week poetry based unit. There is a plan for every year group with tasks to complete. If time allows lesson activities, dictionary, thesaurus (age appropriate!) will be sent home. Your child will also bring home additional reading books. There will also be activities to complete on Purplemash too.

Maths – added to the class page daily. There will be a video and a worksheet. The worksheet will be a PDF, so you can either print it or if you prefer, write the answers on paper or in your maths book (if you have it)

Topic work – also added to the class page and depends on what is being taught in the year group.  

Remember, children can email class teachers through Purplemash. Class teachers will check emails daily if their class is at home for 2 weeks.



We are currently setting up Microsoft Teams for children to use in Key Stage 2 at home and at school. Information will be sent out ASAP.