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Message to parents

Dear parent

We hope you are all keeping well under the circumstances. When we initially thought that schools may close, we believed that it would be for a couple of weeks. You know as much as we do, but it is looking very likely that it will be much longer – but not forever!

Your child’s education is paramount to us but let’s also take a step back too…

We are updating class pages daily and trying to keep work as straightforward as possible. We know that educational websites are crashing under the pressure, so we are planning work that is a mixture of screen led and non-screen led activities.

We are fully aware how challenging the next few weeks/months are going to be for you as parents and we just want to share our feelings:

You will not be judged if your child does not complete all the tasks set. We know some days it is easier to manage ‘home work’ compared to others. Some of you are trying to juggle working from home, you may have babies, toddlers or teenagers!

We do not want the work we set to cause friction in any home. Emotions are running high across the world. If the internet crashes, or two children are struggling to share a laptop etc then do something else – like life skills.

Teach your children to tie shoe laces, make a cake or just sit in the garden and talk to each other. Read, write, share or tell stories… we all know that these skills and memories go a long way in life.

This is not a lesson plan that any of us are used to – we need to work together and make it up as we go along!

Please stay safe

With very best wishes from all the staff