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Covid update

1st November 2021


Dear parent


I hope you had a relaxing half-term with your family and the children are looking forward to returning to school tomorrow.


Covid Update


We started to make changes to our normal routine before half-term in response to the rise in Covid cases in school and the community (no assemblies, restricting Yr group mixing etc).  During half-term I received a letter from the Director of Public Health for Somerset. Public Health have undertaken an individual risk assessment for every school in Somerset, considering current school rates and local community infection rates. Based on these rates their advice is that we open tomorrow in ‘Amber escalation’ and implement the basic, additional and enhanced control measures as outlined in the table below.





  • Follow and promote public health guidance on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of Covid-19
  • Setting based contact tracing of staff cases
  • Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes
  • Keep occupied spaces well ventilated
  • Appropriate use of PPE
  • Deliver strong messaging about signs and symptoms of Covid-19, isolation advice and testing to support prompt isolation of suspected cases
  •  Encourage vaccination uptake for eligible staff
  • Strengthened communications to encourage staff and household members of pupils to undertake twice-weekly LFD testing and reinforcing advice on symptoms and case isolation
  • Consider moving activities outdoors, including exercise, assemblies and classes
  • Further improvement of ventilation indoors (where this would not significantly impact thermal comfort).
  • One-off enhanced cleaning focusing on touch points and any shared equipment
  • Review and reinforcement of hygiene measures
  • Introduce face coverings for staff in communal areas such as corridors
  • Reduce mixing between groups of children as much as possible. Consider pausing ‘whole school’ assemblies and other “large gatherings”
  • Promote social distancing and reduce crowding where possible; minimise pinch points in the school day, for example, staggered lunch times, or start times
  • Reinforce social distancing and good infection prevention control amongst staff (ventilation and touchpoint cleaning especially in areas where staff gather)
  • Any close contacts of confirmed cases of Covid-19 identified by NHS Test & Trace to book a PCR test and whilst awaiting test results, undertake a daily LFD test and only attend school if this is negative. The daily LFD testing is at the parent or guardian’s discretion for primary age children.


Our current arrival and pick up procedures will continue as usual. However, please can you make sure you leave the school site immediately after drop-off and not to go into cloakrooms or classrooms areas. We are concerned about congestion in the morning and must avoid unnecessary close contact between adults to keep everyone safe.

Year groups will be kept apart as much as possible. Children will wash hands regularly with anti-bacterial soap: on arrival, coming in from play and lunch, after going to the toilet, before and after eating and after coughing/sneezing. Tissues will be available in each room with a catch-it, bin-it, kill-it approach being used.




Only single year group clubs will continue as planned this half-term.  Unfortunately, this does mean that Yr 5 & 6 choir and the homework clubs will not go ahead for the time being. This will be reviewed after two weeks.


Breakfast Club


Breakfast club will run as usual. Mrs Ardren will ensure the children are socially distanced


M & M productions


Sadly, we have had to postpone the M&M pantomime scheduled for next week. Hopefully they will be able to perform to the children in 2022.




In order for infection rates to stabilise, Public Health recommend that these measures are kept in place for 2 weeks following the half term break, unless there is a significant outbreak that requires increased measures.


Finally, if your child is unwell, please keep them at home. Even if they test negative for COVID you should still wait 24 hours, post fever, before your child returns to school.  Colds and other non-Covid symptoms are circulating but in the first instance symptoms should be treated as possible COVID related and trigger isolation and testing. This is the case even if others in the school/group have tested negative for similar symptoms.


Thank you for you continued support


Gary Hobbs