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Welcome to Lamb Class!

Hello & welcome to Lamb Class.


In Lamb class we have Mrs Gibbon, our Teacher.  We also have lots of other adults who help us in both Lamb and Duckling classes. Mrs Leach, Mrs Ball, Miss Bartlett, Mrs Balsom & Miss Warren.

Madame Wilson teaches us French, music and yoga on Wednesday afternoons

25.6.21 This week the children took part in our cross country races!  They all did an amazingly well and enjoyed running around our school field.  We were very lucky with the weather too.  The first, second and first place boy and girl received a certificate, but they were all winners to us as they tried their hardest! Well done Lambs


18.6.21 We’ve had an amazing week finding out about different bugs and making our bug hotels. Thank you so much for all the materials you sent it, the children had a great time making them. Here are a few pictures of how our bug hotels in a bag turned out! 

11.06.21 Thank you for all your hard work with the Minibeast challenge holiday homework, we have loved seeing all of the children’s amazing creations! You can have a look at our photos below.smiley


We have enjoyed learning about minibeasts all week and today went to see a couple of bug hotels we have in the forest school.  We have been thinking about all the things we need to make our own.

Today we have sent home a bag for you to collect items such as leaves, twigs, bark and sticks to create a bug hotel on Monday.  We hope you have fun finding things over the weekend.

   As part of our Topic work, we will be looking at Minibeasts and finding out all about them, so we have set you a challenge for the holidays!  


Have a look below and see how creative you can be!  We look forward to seeing everything you have done. 


26.05.21 Minibeast Holiday Homework

 26.03.21 This week we have really enjoyed reading about Hamilton's hats, a story about a pig who hd lots of different hats.  Come and see what we have been doing ...



  Throughout Lockdown we will be updating the Lamb & Duckling Blog on Purple Mash.  For details of your child's Log in please see inside their Reading Record. 


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And also a big thank from all of us for the lovely gifts the children have given us for Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday and a good rest. We look forward to seeing you all again in January.
Mrs Gibbon, Mrs Tainton and Mrs Kimmins
11.12.20 The children have worked really hard to learn and perform our Christmas play. This week we recorded the play and you can watch it by visiting the 'video gallery' area on the website. We hope you enjoy watching it and join us in congratulating the children on a wonderful performance. 
 04.12.20 This week has been all about ELMER.  He was a patchwork elephant who liked to play tricks on his friends.  Come and have a look at the Elmer's we have made! smiley
27.11.20 This week has been lots of fun! We had a strange visitor on Monday morning, who wanted to share a story with us.  Come and find out about our adventures...
20.11.20 This week have have been thinking about how we can keep Lamb class being happy and friendly.  We started with Odd sock day on Monday.  Come and see our circle of friendship. We can all talk about what kind words we would say to our friends, how we could show our kind hands and remembering to keep our feet kind as well.
 13.11.20 Wow! What a busy week we have had!  We remembered Poppy day on Wednesday, then learnt about Diwali on Thursday and today celebrated Pudsey day!  Come and see all of the busy things we have been doing ...
06.11.20  The children have enjoyed a lovely four days at school.  They came back ready and keen to learn!  This week we have enjoyed learning about Autumn and Fireworks.  Come and see some of the activities we have been doing!

Wizzy has loved seeing all the Nursery Rhyme homework!! You can still bring some in if you would like to-Wizzy would love to see it :-)

The children have been doing a brilliant job with their reading and are starting to use their sounds which is lovely to see. We changed the books again today as we are not in tomorrow.  We appreciate that it would have been nice to have had more than one book for the holidays, and is something we usually do, but unfortunately, due to having to isolate the books on their return, we do not have enough books to make it possible. We hope that you understand. Please feel free to read any books of your own and record them in the reading record and the library is also open and have some lovely books on offer. It would be great for the children to continue practicing their phonics by looking for the sounds they know in their books at home and spotting them in the environment when they are out and about during the holidays.

Here are the handwriting rhymes for you to use. So far we have covered s/a/t/p/i/n/m/d

Wizzy would like to tell you about your holiday homework

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22.10.20 We have enjoyed a very spidery week!

16.10.20 Wizzy wants to tell you about this week's homework

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16.10.20  We have had a very noisy week with the dinosaurs this week! We enjoyed the rhyme 'One dinosaur went stomping one day' and have been busy learning with lots of dinosaur activities.

9.10.20 Wizzy wants to tell you about this week's homework

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09.10.20  This week we have been singing about the wheels on the bus.  We went on lots of exciting bus journeys and had lots of fun.  Come and see all that we have been doing!
02.10.20 This week we have enjoyed learning about Humpty Dumpty.  We know he fell off the wall, but have been busy making new walls for him.  Come and have a look at all of our learning. smiley
Please have a look at our Autumn term Newsletter so you can see all of the learning opportunities!
 25.09.20  This week we have enjoyed the Nursery Rhyme 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive.  Come and have a look at all of the fun activities we have been doing! 

18.9.20  We have had a super week in Lamb class this week. The children have settled in really well to the routines of school life and enjoyed going over for lunch in the big hall.  They are coming in really well in the mornings and we are all really proud of them!

The children have joined in with counting, recognising and ordering numbers this week as well as drawing pictures of themselves and practicing writing their names. Today they had a go at decorating their names with finger paints.

Yesterday the children took turns in small groups to explore our fort, which they loved and today they all had a turn using our tricycles, enjoying going in and out of the cones on the playground!

We think they have had a great second week. Have a  good weekend and a lovely rest and we'll be ready to do it all again next week! 

We have enjoyed our first week at School!