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Welcome to Lamb Class!


Hello & welcome to Lamb Class. 



In Lamb class we have Mrs Gibbon, our Teacher.  On a Wednesday and Friday afternoon, we are lucky because Mr Furse teaches us P.E. and Mr Simpson takes us to the Forest School. 


Miss Conlon has left to have her baby now, but Mrs Balsom & Mrs England are our Classroom Assistants, who always help us.



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17.01.19  This week we have really enjoyed the start of our Blast Off! topic by reading and learning about 'Whatever Next!'
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10.01.20 Welcome back to the Spring term.  We hope you had a lovely Christmas?  It has been a super week listening to all of the busy things you have been doing and the exciting presents you received!


This term is going to be lots of fun! J


We are starting with our ‘Blast Off!’ topic ending in a journey to the moon!  Then after half term we are going to be ‘Stuck in the Mud!’


Please read our Spring Term Newsletter.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

and a huge thank you for all our gifts (which we place under our trees to open on Christmas day!)

Have a great holiday.

From all of the EYFS team!  


We hope you all enjoyed our Nativity this week. we are super proud of the children !

This week we have been inspired by the book, 'Press here'. Take a look!!


Here is our question of the week

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Here is a sneak preview of our exciting and wonderful Nativity. Hope to see you all next week!! 


We have been having lots of fun this week, finding out about 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear'.  Have a look at what we have been doing!!



Parent question of the week

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 22.11.19  THis week has been very special as we have been thinking aobut being kind as part of our FRIENDSHIP WEEK.  Come and see our circle of friends in Lamb Class.


Parent question of the week

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15.11.19 Question of the week

15.11.19 Question of the week 1


We have had a great week finding out about Diwali, come and have a look at what we have been doing! 

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Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term!

This week we have been talking about Bonfire night.  We have made lots of colourful firework pictures and thought of firework sounds for our writing! 

Today we were very excited, because we had our own bonfire in Forest School! We enjoyed looking at the bonfire and eating yummy marshmallows :-) 


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25.11.19  WOW!!! We have reached the end of our very first half term in Lamb class!! Well done everyone :-)


This week we have been working on Incy Wincy Spider...come and have a look at what we have been doing. 


Have a great half term holiday and see you on the 6th November!

18.10.19 We have been doing lots of fun work based on "The wheels on the bus" this week. have a look at what we have been doing!



Today was our first ever eco day! We found out about different ways to recycle and why we recycle. We looked at all the plastic rubbish that had been brought in and put on the playground. We had a think about what it would be like to be a fish in the sea, swimming through lots of rubbish! 


We have learnt a new poem about 10 dinosaurs this week. Look at the fun things we have been doing …

04.10.19  We have a great week focussing on the rhyme '1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive'. Come and have a look at what we have been doing!

 27.09.19  We have really enjoyed learning about Humpty Dumpty this week.  Come and find out all we have been doing!

Lamb and Duckling Classes Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter



We have had a very exciting trip around our school today, visiting all of the classes. We even visited      Mr Hobb's in his office and he played his guitar for us! 

13.09.19 Look at us enjoying our frist week in Lamb Class!

06.09.19 I have had a very enjoyable week visiting all of you at home this week, meeting your families and getting to know all about you.


I am looking forward to seeing all of you in your smart new school uniforms next Tuesday.