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   Welcome to Kingfisher class page!

A number of children have asked whether they can do quizzes on their Accelerated Reader books at home. The good news is, that while the school is temporarily closed, this is now possible.

Copy and paste the following link to take a quiz:

Then, ask your parents to save it onto your desktop so that it's easy to find next time.


  • Reading
  • Practise your spellings on the Spelling Shed
  • Practise your times tables etc on the Maths Shed
  • To complete AR quizzes:


English activity



Additional comments

Friday 17.7.20

Today, is your day.


What would you really like to show/ let your new teacher know about you (that you haven’t included already)?


Have you told your new teacher:

  •  About your family
  • Who your best friends are
  • What talents you have – can you draw, play sport, play an instrument, fish?
  • How many pets you have
  • What you like doing best at weekends


Think about how you could best present your work.


Please take a photo of your work and email it me.

Remember to keep a copy safe for September.




Maths activity



Additional comments

Friday 17.7.20



Friday challenge

  • Please see this week’s Family maths challenge in the Maths worksheets folder.
  •  Please have a go at Challenge questions 1-5. ·
  • Now check your answers and see how you got on. Good luck!


The activity is now saved in the MATHS WORKSHEETS folder at the top of this page. The answers are saved in here too.


Maths Games

Times table week.

Every day, please choose a different times table to practise. Please complete all of the activities for your chosen times table.

If you would like an extra challenge, complete Practise the Multiplication tables check

Please write your answers on paper or in a Notebook.





Other activities



Additional comments

Friday 17.7.20


This week the Other activity will be based on learning a life skill. You can either choose one of the following each day or talk to an adult and choose one that you would both like to do together, that isn’t on the list.

For example, activities you may want to try this week (choose 1 each day):

  • Change your bedding
  • Use a map and compass
  • Tidy your room
  • Give someone a solid handshake
  • Make a hot drink (ask an adult first)
  • Make dinner (ask an adult first)
  • Do the washing up (ask an adult first)
  • Learn how to use the washing machine (ask an adult first)
  • Vacuum your lounge (ask an adult first)
  • Telephone a friend or relative for a chat (ask an adult first)

Please have a look through the Spring term curriculum newsletter to find out about our exciting term ahead...

Please take a look at all the exciting topics we have got coming up in the Autumn term...