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This is the link to our home learning blog on Purple Mash.  Please click the blue writing below to take you the Year 2 blog on line. Each day, you will be able to see videos to support you and your child with their home learning.

Year Two Home Learning 2021


We will be posting your child's home learning below this message in hope this makes it easier for you to access at home. 


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Home Learning W.b 5th July 2021 (Tuesday – Friday)


  • reading,
  • practise your spellings using spelling shed (edshed)
  • number bonds using maths shed (edshed)



English activity



Last Friday, you started to write your plan for your own story. Today we should like you to finish your plan by writing the solution for the problem in the story. We have attached the plan and filled in the problem you thought of last Friday. If you need some ideas, you might want to re-watch the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ on Youtube.

On Monday in class, the other children talked about how we could make the boat stronger so it wouldn’t pop on the rocks, you might want to include this in your solution/ending.



Please use the attached sheet to write the problem on your story. You will need to use your notes as a starting point and then add more detail including adjectives. Remember to write in full sentences.



Carrying on from yesterday’s lesson today you will need to write the ending of your story. Please use the ideas you added to your plan on Monday and add in more detail. Don’t forget to include what happens at the very end, does Mr Grinling finally get to eat his lunch? How does this make him feel?



Please publish your work in your neatest writing onto the lighthouse sheet and bring this to school this you next week as we would love to see your finished story.

Once you have written your story you can illustrate it!


Maths activity



Can you predict the height of everyone in your house and then measure their actual height? You can record your findings in a table like this.


Predicted height

Actual height




Who was the tallest? Who was the shorted? What is the difference between the tallest person and the shorted person?



‘The widest container will always hold the most water’.

Around your house find lots of different sized containers (lunchboxes, bowls, plastic tubs, buckets etc). Work out which is the widest and then use a jug and find out how many jugs each container holds. Is the statement above true or false? Use your findings to help you write down a simple answer.



Money! Find lots of different coins and notes around the house (make sure you put these back where you found them at the end of today’s lesson!). Can you put them in order from smallest to largest? Then out them in a pile and choose two and add them together! Can you record this as a number sentence e.g 20p + 5p = 25p. If you are finding this easy you could try adding three together e.g 10p + 2p + 1p = 13p.



Number bonds. Practise your number bonds to 10 and to 20.

Can you make your own number bond problems and then solve them! e.g 3 + _ = 10


Topic activity



Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the seaside today and in the past. Once of the things we have been learning about are the Punch and Judy puppet shows. Today, please watch one a couple of these shows on Youtube (get an adult to help you find them) and then have a go at drawing three of the characters. You can look on google for pictures of these. Please add lots of detail to your drawings and pay particular attention to their key features e.g Punch and Judy have red noses, red cheeks and large chins.



Today, we’d like you to design your own Punch and Judy puppet. You can invent any character you would like. Make sure you look carefully at the special features of the characters you learnt about yesterday. We’d like you to draw, name and colour in your invented puppet. After, you can write a couple of sentences to describe it.



Yesterday you designed your own Punch and Judy puppet, today we’d like you to make it! You might want to draw your puppet out on card/paper and attach it to a lolly stick or a rectangular piece of card so you can hold it up or you can make it using play doh or different fabrics. Once you have made your puppet you can act out parts of your own show!



Can you design a poster all about you to give to your new teacher? You might want to include a drawing your yourself and your likes and dislikes including things outside of school!  

Punch and Judy Images