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lesson video link worksheet


This week we are learning about the parable, The Lost Son.


Activity 1:

Click on the link and watch the video.
What is the message of this story? Discuss your ideas with someone at home, do they agree with you?

Other questions to think about as different characters. Try to give evidence from the story. e.g I think the son left the farm because he said he wanted to enjoy himself whilst he was young and have fun with his friends.


  • Why did you let your son have his money early?
  • Did you mind your son spending all the money you’d given him?
  • How did you feel when you saw him return home?

Younger Son

  • Why did you want the money early?
  • Do you wish you’d done anything differently?
  • How did you feel when you returned home?

Older Son

  • How did you feel about your brother getting his money and leaving?
  • Do you wish you’d gone exploring like your brother


Do you think the father should have forgiven his son?
Think about a time you have asked for forgiveness.  What did you do to seek forgiveness? How did you feel after someone had forgiven you?


Activity 2:

Draw a story map (there is an example below of a different story) of the parable. Include all the key moments of the story that you can remember. Replay the BBC bitesize video as many times as you need.


Activity 3: 
Use your story map to write the story from the perspective of either the father or the other son.
Can you use inverted commas (speech marks) to show who is talking? e.g
"Father, please may I have my inheritance early?" pleaded the son. "I wish to enjoy my youth like my friends are instead of working tirelessly on this farm."
Think carefully about using appropriate adjectives and a varied vocabulary especially for the word said. Make sure your sentences don't all start in the same way e.g. The father ... The son ... The morning was glowing.

The Gruffalo Story map example for Activity 2


This week in class we are looking at the artist M.C Escher. Use the link below to explore some of his work. What do you like or dislike about it?  How is it similar to the last artist you researched. (Bridgit Riley.) How is it different? 
Can you create a Powerpoint about the works of M.C Escher?


Have a go at creating tesselation art yourself. 
Below are some instructions on how to do this.

useful websites