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Hedgehog Class Y3

Welcome to the Summer term in Hedgehog Class

Music lessons




Class number bonds and times table challenges

- children are tested when they are ready             

Spelling homework due in/ new list handed outFriday
Reading Records handed inFriday

Please listen to your child read at least 4x a week and ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in their bag every day. 

Please ensure your child has their full P.E. kit in school all week, so we can take advantage of good weather to get outside and active.

What a fabulous end to the year - we held a Year 3 olympics with our own invented countries, an opening ceremony and national sports.

Well done Lacey for being our star reader this term

Today, our teachers, Patrick and McCauley, taught us about Mars and human explorations of the planet. We also had maths fluency and fractions lessons ably taught by Farrah, Ethan and Harrison. In the afternoon we practised our artistic skills by sketching and painting Picasso style portraits, thanks to Hannahlee.

Today’s teachers taught us all about the Second World War and showed us how to make our own Forkys. Thank you Josh, Sophie, Connie and Lola.

Our teachers today taught us all about Dragomonz and football skills. Thank you Alfie, Drew, Mason, Oscar and Sonny for great lessons!

This week we have some new teachers and teaching assistants as the children take over in the classroom! Today, Laila and Maisey have taught us how to paint pebbles, Alice and Atti have taught us how to make play dough, Harry and William got us fact finding about dinosaurs and we got artistic with animals thanks to Lacey, Liliana and Henry, and Eponine showed us how to create optical illusions with a pen and paper!

We’re super proud of our class super stars this week because they’ve been great role models this year.

We had a great Roman Day. We learnt how the Romans kept themselves clean, facts about the Roman Gods and ate Roman bread dipped in honey. Then we had a Roman legionary visit us. He showed us all his armour and weaponry, then taught us to march in formation.

We had a great time practising for sports day and competing. It was great to see everyone doing their very best and supporting the rest of their class team.

This week, we looked at nests and had a go at making our own in the forest school.

The children are really looking forward to the story teller coming in next week. Thank you for those who have already paid, if you haven't please read the letter below and make payment as soon as possible

What a great cross-country race Year 3 had this week. Everyone tried their best and cheered their classmates on. Well done Mason, Farrah, Jack, Lola, Harrison and Maizie for coming in the top three!

This half term we are learning about TIME in maths.

In year 3 children are expected to be able to read analogue and digital  clocks to the nearest minute.

Please could you support your child by helping them practise these key skills:

  • Look at calendars together, can they work out on what day of the week key events will take place?

  • Discuss what months are in each season

  • Do they know what time of day they do activities such as have breakfast, get home from school and go to bed?

  • Do they know how to read the clocks you have at home?

It was great to have the opportunity to join in a celebration assembly out on the field this week. Our two class superstars work so hard every day and it was a pleasure to celebrate their achievements with everyone.

We have really enjoyed Shape Day, using Scratch to code 2d shapes, making 3d objects out of nets, writing shape stories and creating shape art.

We have been learning about Picasso’s work and have been practising sketching and blending colours to do our own artwork in a Blue Period, Rose Period and Cubist style.

We have started learning how to play tennis. This week we practised bouncing balls on the floor and our rackets with control.

We have enjoyed choosing from a great selection of books and sharing them with each other. Reading is a lot of fun!

We have been very creative this week, learning to mix shades of colour to prepare for painting portraits in blue and performing our own Aesop’s fables playscripts.

Our Class Stars of the Week - Well done all of you for being such great role models!

We had a fantastic Iron Age Day making roundhouses and shields and learning how to barter with other tribes.

As it's nearly Easter, we created mindfulness colouring Easter bunnies. The best boy and girl each won a prize. Alice and William both did a super job - well done!

Our class superstars this week

We've been learning about the Bronze Age and discovered that they were the very first people to use fleece from sheep to make clothing and blankets. We had a go at spinning fleece into wool. Thanks Callum for bringing the fleece in.

This week we have learnt how to use Jamboard to share ideas, found out about some fascinating creatures like the Axolotl and the Cabybara and have used tally charts and bar charts to display all our class favourites. We had a great joke competition for Comic Relief Red Nose Day and were very pleased to be able to celebrate our class superstars who have worked hard, presented work beautifully and read many many books this year. Well done all of you!

Our class’s favourite joke...

Still image for this video

It's been fantastic to have all our Hedgehogs back to school after their winter hibernation!


This week, we have been creating time capsules, working together as a team to get back into the learning zone and catching up with each others' news.


Our class stars this week have worked so hard and have set the pace for the rest of us. We are so pleased to be able to celebrate their hard work.

A number of children have asked whether they can do quizzes on their Accelerated Reader books at home. The good news is, that this is now possible. Copy and paste the following link to take a quiz:

Then, ask your parents to save it onto your desktop so that it's easy to find next time.


Please remember to practice your Year 3 spellings each day and your times tables.

Please remember to read each day. If you have run out of books at home, please look on Oxford Reading Buddy. 

Hi Hedgehog class


Hopefully I have set up a new meeting on Teams to check in with you all. This is mainly a test to see if Mrs Lawrie has got it right! The meeting will start at 2.30pm and the link can be found on the post section of the channel.


Don't worry if you can't sign in at this time or even if you have problems. This is the whole point of the meeting to see how we all get on.  More information will be available about live check in times once the teachers' debug any issues.


The meeting should last around 15 minutes. (Ignore the half hour slot given.)


Look forward to seeing some of you.


Mrs Lawrie

Hello lovely Hedgehogs,

We are so sorry that we cannot welcome you back into the classroom but we hope to see you all soon.

From today, work will be on the class page for you to access like it was before. In the next couple of days, you will receive a letter/email from Mr Hobbs about ‘TEAMS’. This will be the new way of accessing your work and uploading for us to look at. Each day you will get some assignments that you will complete and then submit to us. Some of the assignments will have a video to support your learning.  Please use this week to familiarise yourself with TEAMS.

Any questions, please do contact me via purple mash 2emails for the time being.


Click on the ‘Home Learning’ tab at the top of the page to access your work.

GET EPIC! Please follow the instructions below to access more e-books. Once you have put in the class code then you can access lots of books including ones on accelerated reader. Enjoy!

Music lessons Wednesday
Class number bonds and times table challenges Thursday
PE (Please have kit in all week) Friday
Spelling homework due in/ new list handed out Friday
Reading Records handed in Friday

Please listen to your child read at least 4x a week.
Please ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in their bag every day. 

We have been learning about the importance of protecting our eyes from strong sunlight. We decided to design sunglasses that help block some light. Do we look cool?

Our class superstars this week are kind and caring members of our team and can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing.

We have a handwriting superstar who always produces super work!

We have had a mighty mathematician in our class with a determination to make excellent progress!

We have been learning about the special food Jewish people make as part of their Hanukkah celebrations. It was fun making it and trying out new flavours and textures.

Our class superstars this week are two enthusiastic learners.

We enjoyed a calming yoga session this week.

Another pair of super stars with a fabulous attitude to learning!

Today, we joined in with Children in Need by participating in Joe Wicks’ 24 hour workout and then running laps in our whole school challenge. Each dot on our hands was one lap. It was fun but tiring!

We are learning about forces and magnets in Science. Today we investigated friction.

We are so pleased to be able to celebrate the fantastic role models we have in our class. What a super start to Year 3!

We have a maths superstar to celebrate this week. Well done William!

Wow, we have had some fantastic writers in our class this week. Well done both of you for well-deserved certificates.

We enjoyed pressing apples to make apple juice and making willow wands today.

What wonderful role models we have in our class! Two more superstars with a great attitude to learning. Well done both of you.

We have been learning about the Somerset Levels and why it floods. We had a go at creating our own towns and flood defences. Not all our houses survived the flood undamaged!

We were very lucky this week to receive a gift all the way from Mrs Lawrie's mummy in Ireland. Our very own, very special painting of Sidney the Hedgehog.

Our featured author this half term is Anthony Browne. We have enjoyed reading his books together.

What fabulous role models we have in Hedgehog Class!

We are reading a book in English called Flood. This afternoon, Year 3 evacuated their classrooms before the storm arrived. We realised a flood could be a pretty exciting but scary experience!

We’re very proud to introduce our first class stars. What a great start to the year you’ve made - well done!

We had fun working together to create the first letters of our names. Can you guess the letters!

The year 3 team