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Hare Class Y3

Music lessonsWednesday
Class number bonds and times table challengesThursday
PE (Please have kit in all week)Monday and Friday
Spelling homework due in/ new list handed outFriday
Reading Records handed inFriday

Please listen to your child read at least 4x a week.
Please ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in their bag every day. 

Well done to Jack and Indi for passing their number challenges this week.

Break the rules day! Wacky hair styles, non uniform, making paper aeroplanes and eating snacks during lessons.

Well done to these children who have passed their number challenges this week!

Listen to Jacob's lovely song he has been learning.

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Congratulations to Malakai for great improvement with his handwriting, Oscar for being Hare class dojo of the week and Jack for a star of the week.

Wow, Steve Manning taught us lots about being a soldier in the Roman Army! The children also experienced walking in a roman formation and marching in time.

The children are really looking forward to the story teller coming in next week. Thank you for those who have already paid, if you haven't please read the letter below and make payment as soon as possible.

Congratulations to Tristan, Rafferty, Poppy, Ruby and Eleeshia on passing their number challenges. Alisea, Ben, Naevia and Kathryn read 50 times last term and Alisea was this week’s class dojo star. Our celebration stars this week were Benjamin for brilliant effort in his English lessons and Ben for always showing enthusiasm towards his learning. Well done everyone.

This week we had our first KS2 assembly of the year. It was so lovely to be out on the field together and celebrate everyone’s success. In class we have made our own clocks to help us read them correctly. We have worked on our ball skills and relay racing in PE as well as learning Bob Marley’s three little birds song. William taught some of us mindful art.

Can you sing all of this song without looking at the lyrics? Listen and give it a go!

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

This week we will be looking at TIME in maths. Please work at home with your children to help them practise this key skill. Look at calendars together, can they find the day of the week for the 12th? What month is before or after July? What months are in winter? How many hours in a day? What is a leap year? As well as reading the analogue and 24hour digital clock. In year 3 children are expected to be able to read analogue clocks to the nearest minute.

Have a lovely break!

A super finish to the half term... well done to Eleeshia and Naevia for passing their spelling challenges. Rafferty, Ben, Alisea, Ruby, Jacob and Eleeshia passed their number challenges. Poppy and Olivia were this week's readers of the week whilst Xavier, Aubrey and Jack were this week's handwriting stars. Congratulations to Tristan and Jack for being Hare class dojo star of the week. Both boys have been practising skills at home and show casing those skills in their written work. Well done everyone!

Shape day: we had lots of fun creating 3d shapes, coding 2d shapes using scratch, creating our very own shape stories and producing some artwork.

I am so proud of everyone in Hare class this week. It has been a long term in school and everyone has stayed focus and been kind to their friends. Just look at some of the amazing newspaper articles of the Iron Man!

Congratulations to Xavier and Malakai for passing their number challenges this week. Mason was this week’s reader of the week 📚 George and Xavier were Hare class dojo stars of the week ⭐️ Benjamin, Callum and William were hand writers of the week ✏️ whilst Alisea was in celebration assembly for using a wider range of vocabulary in her work and Callum was in celebration assembly for always contributing valuable ideas in class discussions 💡 well done everyone 👏🏼

This week we have started practising for sports day! It was lovely to be out in the sun while it lasted. The children have learnt how to make and scan QR codes as a way to find out information. In English, the children completed the story of the Iron man and wrote diary and letters as if they were the Iron man, I look forward to reading their newspaper reports next week. In maths, the children have been learning about different types of angles as well as parallel and perpendicular lines. Finally they have discussed Picasso’s Rose period and Cubism period, looking at how colour can interpret different moods and mirror what was happening in his life at that time. Hare class ended the week by having some time on the new school scooters.

The children played ‘guess that tune’ with Mr Hurley today and talked about learning the piano. If your child would like to have lessons then please complete the form on the news letter or ask the office for a copy.

Well done to all these children who passed their maths and spelling challenges this week. 👏🏼 Tristan, Hollie-May and Rafferty were this week’s hand writers of the week, Oscar had a double whammy week for improved effort in his English and for being the first year 3 to complete level 20 of the number challenges. (The highest there is!) He has worked tirelessly for this achievement, so a huge congratulations to Oscar! Hollie-May was also in celebration assembly this week for putting in extra effort for all her subjects. Kathryn and William were this week's readers of the week for consistently reading well at home.

This week’s English unit is all about The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We acted out the first chapter, wrote a letter pretending to be Hogarth and marvelled at the thought of seeing a real life Iron Man. What would you do? Would you react in the same way as the angry farmers?

Listen to the video to help you learn your 4 times tables

listen to the video to help you learn your 8 times tables.

Well done to Hannah, Maisie, Xavier and Indi for passing their number challenges this week. 👏🏼 Owen was hare class superstar and Jacob was handwriter of the week. Martin sang the class a beautiful version of sea shanty and is enjoying his music lessons with his friends. Jack is working incredibly hard on his handwriting each lesson and Poppy wrote a fantastic recount of the Iron Age day. Well done everyone this week. 🎉

This week we have learnt how to find a pulse to a song and had a go at playing musical instruments to a tempo. We have continued to learn about fractions in maths and improved our performance skills in English. In PE we have been learning how to hold a racket correctly and serve a ball in tennis.

Have a listen to this!

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Congratulations to everyone who passed their number challenges this week. Jacob was our reader of the week for his improved comprehension. Eleeshia earned the celebration award for being a keen historian. She used clues from the past to correctly identify each Iron Age artefact and helped others to form their own opinions. Jack was this week’s class dojo star and celebration nominee. He wrote a fantastic fable which can be seen, along with other children’s work, in the post below

Can you spot some of your work from this week? Hare class have impressed me with their drawing, mixing and painting skills in the style of Pablo Picasso’s Blue period. Xavier and Jacob enjoyed teaching the class a maths challenge they made up from home and the class enjoyed reliving life in a Celtic tribe on Friday. They built a roundhouse, foraged for materials, made their own tribal name, battle cry and shields to understand the importance of trade. A fantastic week had by all.

Congratulations to everyone who has passed their number challenges and spelling challenges this week. Callum was our reader of the week because he has worked incredibly hard on improving his comprehension. Tristan earned the celebration award due to his beautiful handwriting and Ben has shown what a marvellous mathematician he is. Hollie-May and Olivia were Hare Class dojo stars this week.

This week we have got excited about exploring Iron age artefacts. We researched some clues given to us to try and guess what the artefact was, who would use it and what it would be used for. In maths, we have been learning which fractions make a whole. We had a go at showing this with some stained-glass window fractions... it was quite tricky to make sure all parts were equal! We have also made the most of the lovely weather by eating out in the sunshine. We are beginning our new art unit: Picasso and started by drawing a self-portrait. In English we looked at different Aesop's fables, we re-enacted some of the fables and had a go at writing our own.

Congratulations 👏🏼 to these children who have passed their spelling and number challenges this week! Ruby and Naevia won our design an Easter egg competition and Rafferty was Hare class’s dojo superstar 🌟

The sun was shining for our Easter 🐣 egg hunt. We had to look for clues to find the Little Miss and Mr Men pictures of the adults. We did two science experiments to understand water transportation in plants. One of the flowers 🌹 changed to blue as it showed how the stem absorbs water. We put blue dye in the water too see how it worked. We have also been working out how to recognise different fractions of amounts in maths. In English we wrote an explanation text about how the Bronze Age made clothes. You may see some of our work being sent home recently. When we are proud of a piece of work we can request a selfie for the adults to photocopy. Look 👀 out for our fantastic work!

This week we have started some of our Easter activities. Do you like the different patterns of our bunnies?
We learnt about two key changes of the Bronze Age. The smelting process to make weapons and tools and we also had a go at making our own yarn from Callum's sheep. Thank you Callum! In PE we started learning about the three different stances. Ready position, back hand and fore hand. We look forward to building up our skills over the coming weeks. 

Written by our class bloggers and Mrs Hill

Look at all these children who have passed their number challenges and animal spelling challenges!
A very proud week. Everyone in Hare class has been working super hard!


Congratulations to the two class dojo stars this week; Olivia and Bailey. Ruby has been working really hard to make sure all her letters are the correct size. Maizie has been enjoying her reading this week and is always asking to read to an adult. This week she was Hare class' reader of the week. Tristan has improved his presentation in his work  and Ben has increased his class participation and focus in ALL his lessons.  Well done to everyone!

Our class joke

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This week we have been looking at Tally charts, pictograms and bar charts 📊 in maths. We made our own investigation and found out we have lots of different favourites! In English we looked at different sentence structures and wrote a non-chronological report about animals which were amazing! On Friday it was Red Nose Day, everyone shared their best joke then we voted on our top 4. Mason was our overall winner. Check out his joke in the video. Did you hear us laughing at 10am?

Well done to Anaia and Holly May for passing their spelling challenges. Congratulations to Jack, Mason, Alisea and Xavier for passing their number challenges. Callum was the class dojo star 🌟 Jacob earned the celebration award for improved skill in PE and George earned it for amazing reading. George also earned the first reader of the week award. Owen was handwriting of the week, he has worked really hard to keep all his letters on the line. Huge accomplishments this week. 👏🏼

This week we have had lots of fun! On the first day back we got given a cookie and we played football rounders. In maths we have been playing lots of games like strike it out and guess my number. We also made time capsules and wrote a letter to our future selves. 
Written by Hare class bloggers Jack and Naevia



Congratulations to Malakai, Maizie, Mason, George and William for passing their number challenges this week. 👏🏼 Well done to our celebration stars Benjamin and Kathryn. Benjamin has made some superb choices to improve his learning and Kathryn has come back to school with 100% enthusiasm and commitment to all aspects of school life. Ben earned the Hare class dojo Award by being super helpful in the class and writing some great sentences.

GET EPIC! Please follow the instructions below to access more e-books. Once you have put in the class code then you can access lots of books including ones on accelerated reader. Enjoy!

A big congratulations to Malakai, Eleeshia, Olivia, George, Maizie, Anaia, Hollie-May and Hannah for passing their number challenges. Well done to Owen, Jack, Olivia, George and Naevia for reading a staggering 50 times! Owen and Bailey were this week celebration award nominees. They both work incredibly hard in the classroom across all subjects and are brilliant role models for the class. They are always doing the right thing and offering a helping hand to others. They are always smiling and enjoying all school opportunities. Well done everyone! 👏🏼

This week the children enjoyed doing lots of Christmas activities. They enjoyed making their Santa sleighs, making their Christmas presents for people at home and of course enjoyed their party. Thank you, once again, Matt Eva for the disco. 🎶🥳

This week... the children have enjoyed writing the Hebrew alphabet and sewing a mantle for their Torah to conclude the Judaism unit. They have also enjoyed their introductory lessons to the science unit Light and Shadows. The children tested different materials and categorised them into opaque, translucent and transparent. They then used this information in addition to some research to decide which material would be suitable for a pair of sunglasses.

Hare class wanted to say a big thank you to Michael Loader who told us one of his stories today. They were encapsulated by the musical accompaniments, belly laughed from the things Teddy did and enjoyed watching Michael perform his story.

Congratulations to Anaia, Oscar and Jack for passing their number bonds. Well done to Naevia for being our hand-writer of the week. Xavier produces lovely work and participates in class with thoughtful anecdotes. It is lovely to see how much he is now believing in himself. Naevia wrote a well crafted letter to our guest story teller today showcasing the techniques taught in English throughout last week. Indi has had an improved effort in her maths and is participating lots in class. Well done everyone!

This week... we have been mastering the written column method for subtraction with exchanging, learning a new Story all about Hanukkah and comparing it to Christmas as well as re-enacting the Hannukkah story, creating our own Torah in the Hebrew alphabet and playing the traditional dreidel game.

One word... WOW! We have so much to celebrate this week in class. Well done to William, Kathyrn, Maizie, Jack, Naevia, Jack, Jacob and Oscar for reading 50 times this term! Bailey was our hand writer of the week. Jack, Olivia, Ruby, Eleeshia, Owen, Naevia, Kathryn, William, Oscar, Callum and Ben all passed their number challenges. Olivia and Ben were Hare Class superstars. They are both working well across all their subjects and have a good work ethic. Ruby earned the celebration award for displaying her knowledge of the Judaism unit and all round attitude to her learning! Congratulations everyone, you have been working hard!

Look who has arrived... Each week I will take photos of our mischievous elf and add them to this post.

Another fantastic week for Hare class. Well done to Alisea, Hannah, Olivia, Owen, Poppy, Oscar, Bailey, Eleeshia, Anaia and Xavier for passing their number challenges this week! Maisie was our class dojo star of the week. She is always listening, producing great pieces of work and never gives up even when some things are a little tricky. Mason and Martin earned the celebration award. Martin has worked incredibly hard on blending his phonics, focusing on his maths and has a positive approach to his learning. Mason always participates in class discussions, has been a wonderful coach to his peers to further their understanding and has soared in confidence over the past few weeks. Superb effort everyone!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed cooking their Jewish dishes this week. Many have asked for the recipe so I have attached them below. Happy Baking!

Congratulations to our Christmas house winners. Thank you Joseph Casson Estate agents for the prizes. Take a look at the other fantastic art work and other window displays in the Bridgwater food and drink advent trail.

Congratulations to Jacob, Eleeshia, Oscar,Jack and George for passing their number challenges. Bailey was the class dojo star of the week, she works hard all the time to create beautifully presented work. Aubrey and Hannah were the celebration assembly stars. Aubrey is a kind friend. She makes sure everyone has someone to play with and offers her help in and outside of the classroom. Hannah has blown the adults away with her reading and comprehension this week. Well done everyone!

This week... the children have practised saying the colours in French, learnt some yoga poses, handled some Judaism artefacts and asked questions such as how is it special, who would eat oily food and why, when would you wear these items of clothing, what days would you light the menorah. In English the children have been following instructions to make Lego houses, paper aeroplanes and draw faces to evaluate and identify features of instruction writing. They will use this information to help them cook their own version of a traditional Jewish meal for Hanukkah. They have also added to their tessellation as they further study the works of M.C Escher.

Well done to these superstars! Hollie-May has made great progress in her reading and comprehension, Alisea has made some fantastic contributions in science, Rafferty is the class dojo star of the week and Jack, William, Poppy and Bailey have all worked incredibly hard to pass their number challenges!

odd socks day 2020

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This week... the children have been very busy writing the parable of the lost son, learning about different forces and investigating with magnets. Thank you to all who brought a donation for Children in Need. The class enjoyed working out with Joe Wicks, doing the Rickshaw challenge around the school and having a mini dance battle.

Congratulations to Callum and Anaia for being this week’s superstars. Anaia wrote a beautiful river poem and always has a smile on her face. Callum never gives up and tries extremely hard in all areas of his learning. 

Hare class have taken inspiration from nature in their Literacy work this fortnight. They have written poems using metaphors to describe the different phases of a river's journey, following their work on Valerie Bloom's poem, 'The River'. Hope you enjoy their iMovies!

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Benjamin and

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Kathryn and

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Some of the children’s published poems using watercolours to create a river landscape.

This week Hare class have learnt about the importance of tolerance and embracing each other’s differences. Hare class looked at some significant individuals for Black History Month and produced a poster about one person that interested them. Below are just a few of the amazing posters the children created.

Congratulations to Oscar and William, this week’s celebration stars. William produced an excellent River poem and Oscar has worked extremely hard on his times table knowledge. Oscar was also our class dojo star this week. Well done boys!

This week everyone has worked really hard, both in and outside of the classroom. There have been many ‘Show and Tells’ from children visiting local places on the Somerset Levels, making progress on their times table knowledge and sharing their views about Valerie Bloom’s River poem using thiinklink on the iPads. The children have been busy writing their own versions of this poem which they look forward to publishing next week!

Congratulations to these superstars this week. Jack has been thinking carefully about using adjectives appropriately in his writing and Maisie has been increasing her vocabulary. Kathryn was our class dojo star of the week for consistently working hard and being a good role model for the class.

The children took part in apple pressing and making willow stars this Friday to see what some people use the Somerset levels for. They found out apple pressing was hard but rewarding work. They also realised how much resilience was needed to make their stars. Well done Hare Class!

On Friday the children put their research about flood defences to the test. They were challenged to build their own towns, thinking carefully about where and why they would place it with a main river and floodplain. They then had to build their own flood defence based on their research in class. The children chose between afforestation, dams or levees. Finally their towns were put to the test. Well done everyone!

Superstars of the week. They are always giving 100% effort to their learning.

This week we have been... securing our place value knowledge with dienes, writing some amazing sentences for our picture book, researching about flood defences, investigating what things in our classroom may need repairing or replacing for different depths of water and retelling the story of the Good Samaritan.

Well done to these superstars for receiving the celebration award. Two great role models for Hare class!

This week I have been...researching the Somerset Levels, developing my hockey skills, playing place value games in Maths, acting out scenes from the picture book Flood, sharing with others what is important to me.

class dojo stars of the week

This week I have been learning... how to partition and order numbers, why Jesus is important to some people, about Bridget Riley and OP art, how to make a space painting.

This week I have been so impressed with everyone’s writing. We read the beautiful book ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers and thought carefully about our world and everything in it. Hare class wrote letters to someone special, listened and made their own favourite place poems and took inspiration from Blue Planet clips and Louis Armstrong’s song what a wonderful world to compose their own song.

We had a fantastic first day back! We shared the book ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne then talked about things that make us worry. We made Worry Dolls like Billy did in the story. If we have any concerns, we will let our dolls know to take our worries away.