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Frog Class Y2

Welcome to Frog Class!

Our class teachers are Mrs Mongaré (M,T,Th,Fr) and Madame Wilson (Wed).

Our TA is Mrs Mahdy.

Home Learning –15th July

English activity



Additional comments 


Think of your well-known job from yesterday. I want you to think about what it would be like to spend a day in that job:

What time do they get up? What would they have for breakfast? Etc. Draw pictures in the boxes for what they would be doing, wearing and eating throughout the day.


We will use this tomorrow to create a diary entry.


Maths activity



Additional comments 


Click on the link for White Rose Maths above 

Summer term wk 12. Watch the video recapping duration of time. - lesson 3

The activity is now saved in the MATHS WORKSHEETS folder at the top of this page. The answers are saved in here too.


If you are finding the work tricky, please look also on BBC Bitesize Daily Maths lesson. This will provide you with an extra video, quiz and activity to help you. 

*  Watch the video.

*  Please complete the activity either by printing it out, writing your answers on a piece of paper or explaining the answers to an adult. 

* Get the Answers and check them to see if you have the right idea!



Other activities




Watch the video and follow the instructions! Show us all your funky outfits!




Home Learning


  • reading,
  • practise your spellings using spelling shed (edshed)
  • number bonds using maths shed (edshed)

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