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Fox Class Y2

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Welcome to Fox Class.

Our class teachers are Miss Carter (M,Tue,W) and Mrs Shuttleworth (Thu,F).

Our TA is Ms Ashley.
The rest of the Year Two team are; Mrs Mongaré and Mrs Mahdy

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks again for all your support during this term.

See you in January

The Year 2 Team

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter

P.E will be on a Tuesday.



* Reading - if your child's book has been read it will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday.   

Please make sure you write in the reading record when you have listened to your child read.


* Spellings are tested on alternative weeks. If it is the 'chilli challenge' spellings, at the front of the spelling log, EVERYONE is tested on a Friday. If it is the 'animal challenge' spellings, at the back of the book, your child will be tested on their designated day, which is written in the front of their spelling log.


Please see attached word document for the dates of the spellings. 


 * Question of the week- on a Friday we will be putting a question of the week onto the website. This will be linked to what we are learning in class and it is a chance for you to have a discussion about their learning. 


Please bear with us at home time, we are still becoming familiar with everybody's faces. As we continue to send the children out from a line please keep an eye out for your child coming to the front of the line and give us a wave.

18.12.20 - Well done Theo and Lily. You have been stars in Fox Class.
18.12.20 - Well done to our 'Fabulous Foxes'
18.12.20 - Beautiful handwriting Daisy, well done.

11.12.20 - In Science we investigated which materials are waterproof.

11.12.20 - Well done Charlie, you're handwriting has been beautiful this week.
11.12.20 - Well done Fantastic Foxes.
11.12.20 - Congratulations Ruby and Caleb, you are stars!

Today we watched the amazing story teller Michael Loader. We used our imaginations to help tell the story.

04.12.20 - Congratulations Tom and Dulcie. You are stars!
04.12.20 - Well done to our 'Fantastic Foxes.' 
04.12.20 - Lily is our 'Handwriter of the week' this week. Keep up the good work Lily!
27.11.20 - After a busy week we painted our poppies this afternoon and cannot wait to bring them home when they are dry.
Congratulations Keira for being the first 'Handwriter of the Week'
27.11.20 - Well done to our 'Fantastic Foxes' this week.
27.11.20 - Congratulations Oliver and Emily for your amazing work and for receiving our Celebration Certificates this week.

20.11.20 - This week we have been learning about materials. We had some dough and recognised how it changed when we applied a force.

In art we experimented with photos of ourselves. Can you see who the children are in these photos?

20.11.20 - Well done Thomas and Sienna for your super maths and writing work.
20.11.20 - Our Fantastic Foxes!

13.11.20 - Today was Children In Need.

We did lots of exercise. We completed PE with Joe Wicks and ran the Running Rickshaw Challenge. It's been a busy day!

13.11.20 - Well done Finley and Daisy for their hard work and for receiving the celebratation certificates this week.
13.11.20 - Well done to our 'Fantastic Foxes' for this week.
06.11.20 - We had fun following instructions to make these lovely firework pictures.
06.11.20 - On Tuesday we had a medieval afternoon. We made medieval gingerbread and dragons out of salt dough.
06.11.20 - Well done 'Fabulous Foxes'.
06.11.20 - Well done Kyle and Rose for being superstars this week and receiving the celebration certificates.
Our Harvest Song is in the video gallery. We hope you enjoy it. 
22.10.20 - Here are our 'Fabulous Foxes' for this week ... Well done!
22.10.20 - Well done Haiden and Maisey for receiving the celebration certificates this week. You are both stars.
22.10.20 - Today we have been talking about Halloween. We know it will be different this year. We hope you enjoy our class poem all about Halloween...


Halloween feels like bumpy pumpkins sitting in the field.
Halloween smells like sweet pumpkin pie being baked in the oven.
Halloween looks like hairy, scary spiders crawling in their web.
Halloween sounds like spooky zombies lurking in the dark. 
Halloween tastes like delicious, yummy sweets in my bowl.

16.10.20 - This week we completed our rockets and had so much fun launching them!

After a few failed attempts we finally launched our rockets!

Still image for this video
16.10.20 - Well done to these children for being our 'fabulous foxes' this week.
16.10.20 - Well done Chloe and Charlie for receiving the celebration award this week.
9.10.20 - This week we have been writing our own stories based on ‘The man on the moon’. We had fun thinking of our own characters.

Thomas’ story.

Still image for this video

Keira’s story.

Still image for this video

Tom’s story.

Still image for this video
9.10.20 - Well done to Keira and Daniel for being our celebration assembly stars this week. Keep up the good work!
9.10.20 - Well done to our fabulous foxes for this week.
2.10.20 - Congratulations to Jake and Gabriella for receiving the celebration certificates. You have both been superstars this week.
2.10.20 - Here are our Fabulous Foxes for this week. Keep up the good work!

25.09.20 - We have had an exciting week reading 'Man on the moon'. We think Bob landed at our school last weekend as we found some of his things on the field. We had a great day on Monday doing lots of 'space' activities. We made moon rocks, space ships, shape rockets and wrote about the characters in the story. Have a look at some of our work...

25.09.20 -Congratulations Aluna and Jenson for being in this weeks celebration assembly. Super listening and attitude to learning.
25.09.20 - Well done to our Fabulous Foxes for this week.
18.09.20 - Here are this weeks Fabulous Foxes!
18.09.20 - Congratulations Ed and Maisy for being in our class celebration assembly this week.
11.09.20 - Well done to our 'Fabulous Foxes' this week.

11.09.20 - We have had a great first week back. It is lovely to be with our friends again.

We are really proud of our 'Reach for the Stars' display. We thought about some of the things we want to achieve this year.