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Welcome to Butterfly Class


Our teacher is Mrs Casson

Our TA is Miss Bartlett

Hello Year 1.

You have almost made it to the Easter holidays. We are so proud of you all for working so hard over the past two weeks. It has been strange to be away from school but we know you are all super stars and nothing will stop you doing your best.

You will find today’s daily activities below. We will not be posting daily activities over the two week break as we know everyone needs a little time off school work, but we know you are still stuck at home and may be looking for something to keep you busy. We hope you will look at the home learning resources page on the school website and have a go at completing the project we have set for you. The great thing about this project is that it is all about something you love, whatever that is! It might be about a game you love to play or about an instrument you are learning. It could be about a special memory, sport or hobby, or even about your favourite food!

You will also find an Easter egg hunt on the home learning resources page. We hope you will make use of it over the Easter holidays, sharing some fun and giggles with your family.

We have left the family project details in the project folder on our class page. The children will still have access to spelling and maths shed as well as Purple Mash, but no 2dos will be set.

Have a very Happy Easter and fingers crossed we can all enjoy some more of this gorgeous sunshine!

Stay safe and keep on smiling!

Mrs Casson.


Home Learning


  • reading
  • practise your spellings using spelling shed (edshed)
  • Number bonds using maths shed (edshed)


English activity



Additional comments

3rd April

Imagine the boy is going on another adventure. Where might he get stuck? Who might he find to become his new friend? How might he get home?

Can you tell an adult your answers to these questions?

Then as a challenge, have a go at writing a couple of sentences for the boy’s next adventure. Remember, your story doesn’t have to be long but it does need a beginning, middle and end.

Can you add a simile to describe where the boy has gone? There is an example below.


The boy went to the bottom of the sea. It was as dark as night.  He got stuck in some mud. A friendly starfish came and helped set him free. He went home and went to see his new friend the next day. 


Maths activity



Additional comments

3rd April

Heavier and lighter than me - Can you find two objects in your house or garden that are heavier than you? Can you find two objects that are lighter than you? Complete the Purple Mash 2do to show me what you have found.

Watch this episode of Numberjacks to find out about weight. 


Challenge – Can you find something that is shorter but heavier than you? Can you find something that is taller but lighter than you?


Other activities


Activity – Phonics Friday

Additional comments

3rd April

How many words can you think of that rhyme with cat? You can change the word if you want to!

Try thinking of words that rhyme with

Dog, pot, car, can or pen. What is the longest rhyming word you can think of?

If you have some chalk have a go at writing your rhyming words in your garden. You can even have fun washing them away afterwards!


Daily phonics and maths activity ideas. 



White rose maths have released a collection of videos designed to teach your child the maths we would otherwise be learning in school. If you would like to use these videos to pre-teach at home please click the link below. There is an activity sheet for each lesson. Don't worry if you are not able to print these off for your child to complete. A discussion about the questions and answers is all they will need. 



Teach your monster to read is currently free to download on the apple app store and only 99p for androids. The fun games take your child through the process of learning a new sound, practising using that sound and applying their knowledge to write words. It is a fun game and they won't even realise they are learning! 


You child has an espresso login in their reading record. You can use this to login to discovery education - espresso. If you have saved your login details the following QR code will take you straight to Ash's phonics which most of the children have nearly completed. Here they can watch videos and complete activities for each of the phase 5a sounds.  


If you have any further question please contact me via 2email on Purple Mash.

The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight

Watch the video and design a new front cover for this story.
Don't forget to include the authors name and the title of the book.

Have you found your child's Purple Mash log in in their reading record? Read this letter for some more information.

Wow! What a wonderful effort for World Book Day! Well done Butterfly Class! We loved your costumes and you loved reading with our buddy class.

We celebrated St David's day on Friday with Welsh cakes and lots of lovely activities. We learnt colours and numbers in Welsh and made our own Welsh flags.

It's my body! We have been very busy this week. We enjoyed the skipping workshop on Tuesday. Skiping ropes are still available to order from this weblink . We learnt how to take care of our bodies, the importance of a good nights sleep and exercise. Mrs Casson challenged us to give up our screens at least ten minutes before bed. We hope this will help us sleep better!

Welcome back. We hope you had a fun half term break. Please take a look at our Spring Newsletter.

Picture 1

Have a look what we are learning this half term.

Today was Christmas party day. We played party games and made our own party food. The Santa heads were delicious! So were the biscuits. Well done Butterfly Class.

We have been learning about the Victorian's and the new Christmas traditions that started in Great Britain nearly 200 years ago. Steve Manning visited us and told us about familiy traditions, taught us a parlour game and showed us a few toys from the Victorian era. Thank you for your contributions to cover the cost of his visit.

Picture 1
Yesterday we welcomed a visitor To Butterfly Class. The big bad wolf came to tell us what really happened when the pigs houses blew down. He only wanted a tissue to stop him sneezing! It was all an accident! 
We’re sorry wolf, we shouldn’t have said you were big and bad, or mean and grumpy! 
We will be helping the wolf to write a sorry letter to the pigs. We hope they can all be friends! 

We spent Wednesday thinking about poppy day, writing poems about the cbbc poppies short film. We talked about how the rabbit didn't know what was frightening him, only that the loud noises and bright lights were scary. We developed our understanding of adjectives to describe how he was feeling at different moments in the film. 

We made poppies and wrote thank you messages to our armed forces. The children have been very grown up and sensible during discussions and have shown great maturity in their thinking. Well done Butterflies!


On Thursday we thought about Carnival. We are very excited about the carnival on Saturday. The children enjoyed learning a little more about the carnival and recording facts in their guided reading journals. 

We played fairground games like hook a duck and hoopla. The children practised their number bonds and read and wrote words using their phonics knowledge. Friday morning was our maths time. We all found missing numbers to complete out number bonds of 10. 


What a fun and exciting few days. 

Enjoy the weekend, we hope the rain stays away for carnival. We'll see you all on Monday for another exciting week! 


Mrs Casson and Miss Bartlett. 

What a busy week in Butterfly class!

What a busy week in Butterfly class!  1
What a busy week in Butterfly class!  2

Wednesday 6th November

Wednesday 6th November 1

Have a look to see what we will be learning about this half term.

Wow! What a busy half term you have all had. Thank you to those of you who were able to talk to your child about their number bonds. Some of you even brought in photos of all the hard work you have been doing. Well done!

We're off to a good start in Butterfly class this term. Keep up the good work children! 

Picture 1

Our special visitor came to school on Thursday

Picture 1

We have enjoyed learning about Rosie’s walk. We made mills and coups from the story and wrote questions to ask Rosie. Great work Butterflies!

We have enjoyed learning about Rosie’s walk. We made mills and coups from the story and wrote questions to ask Rosie. Great work Butterflies! 1
We have enjoyed learning about Rosie’s walk. We made mills and coups from the story and wrote questions to ask Rosie. Great work Butterflies! 2
We have enjoyed learning about Rosie’s walk. We made mills and coups from the story and wrote questions to ask Rosie. Great work Butterflies! 3