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Our Year 1 Curriculum newsletter - Autumn term

Phonics Fun!

We have started the Summer Term 2 with a week packed  full of phonics fun! The children have had a great time practising their sounds in order to decode lots of 'Alien' type nonsense words. The children kicked off the week by making alien headbands with nonsense words they had created themselves. 


The children also had great fun practising their sounds in their 'Phonics Multi skills' session today.



Over the last few weeks the children have been really enjoying our new topic based around dragons. This began a few weeks ago with the children discovering a dragons egg in the school grounds! Since then, the children have enjoyed a number of activities around dragons including the exploration of mixing primary colours to paint their own dragons and have written some fantastic dragon reports.

Bumblebee Celebration

A big 'Well Done!' to Aiden this week for being chosen for our 'Celebration' certificate.

Start of the Summer Term


We have had a really positive start back from our Easter break with the children working hard, particularly with their reading this week. We have begun to explore different brush strokes in Art, and the children have loved learning about primary colours, and exploring how to create secondary colours from these.


All the children are doing brilliantly practicing their animal spellings at home and we were pleased to celebrate Lucas and and Caoihme as our 'Stars of the Week'!


Well done Bumblebees! A great start to the Summer term!

Welcome back Bumblebee's!

A huge welcome back to all the children in Bumblebee Class. It has been wonderful to have everyone back in class and the children have made such a great start. We are very proud of them!


They have all worked really hard this week writing some great poems inspired by our book 'The Rumble in the Jungle'. Here is one of the poems written by one group of our children.


The Giraffe


A Giraffe

A tall giraffe

A patterned, tall giraffe

A patterned, tall giraffe eating leaves in the African sun.


Red Nose Day!

We had a great day sharing a good laugh with Butterfly Class on Friday and also sharing some of the jokes that the children had brought into school. 

This was one from George particularly made us chuckle!


Joke: Why did the banana go the doctors?

Answer: Because he wasn't peeling very well!!  

Letters to Father Christmas

We were all very excited to post our letters to Father Christmas this afternoon!

 Handwriter of the Week


Bumblebee's have all been working really hard with their writing and doing a fantastic job. We are now starting to really focus on improving our letter formation and handwriting. To celebrate the children's achievements we have introduced our 'Handwriter of the Week' award.

A big 'Well Done' to Cooper who was our first member of our class to receive this award!



A big thumbs up for George this week for being our ‘Hand writer of the Week’!

A visitor!

This week we had a visit from the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ from the ‘Three a Little Pigs’. The children had worked hard writing questions for him and were able to ask him in person over a zoom call! 

The children have also written some ‘Wanted’ posters to try and help catch the wolf.

Fun Friday!


The children loved wearing non school uniform on Friday and running laps of the playground in a whole school effort to run the same distance as the ‘Rickshaw Challenge’ in support ‘Children in Need’. 

Great effort Bumblebee’s!

Also, a big ‘Well Done’ to Xander and Caiomhe for being our ‘Stars of the Week’.

The Three Little Pigs


Bumblebee Class began this week with a hunt through the woods. Only to discover that someone had built a den! But who would live in a den like this? The children looked at the clues:

A book '50 Ways to Cook a Pig', some curly tails, paw prints and old bones, and quickly decided that it must be the Big Bad Wolf from the 'Three Little Pigs'!


Following this exciting start the children have had great fun learning the story, telling it using puppets and ordering it too. 

Amazing Autumn!


We have had a great time exploring Autumn this week. We started our week with a ‘Senses Walk’ around the school grounds to gather lots of lovely ideas to write our Autumn poems. We were able to enjoy the falling leaves on our way round and even found a few conkers to help us practice our counting and ordering numbers!



Some of this weeks and ‘Discover and Do’ Autumn Challenges

Well done all you Bumblebee’s, we have had a great half term. Hope you all have a well deserved rest and we look forward to seeing you after the half term break!

What a fantastic start!


We are so pleased with all the children and how well they have settled into Bumblebee Class. We have had a busy first couple of weeks getting to know our classroom and exploring all the new areas. The children have been taking on new learning challenges each day and we are thrilled to see how well they work together. 


Your child will be sent home with two reading books each week. Please make sure that they bring them into school with them each day. 



Here are just a few pictures from the last few weeks. So much to discover and do!

‘Discover and Do’ Challenges 


This week in Year 1 we have introduced our ‘Discover and Do’ challenges. The children have been set six tasks to complete across the week in amongst their other learning. We have been so pleased to see the children approach these various challenges with enthusiasm and enjoy collecting their sticker for each task completed. 

We are particularly proud of those children who worked really hard to complete all six challenges in this first week. These children are Matilda, George, Arlo, Georgia, Mila, Lola, Isla, Darcie, Sophia, Lucas, Flora, Emilia and Darcey. Well done everyone, you are doing brilliantly! 😃