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Bumblebee Class Y1

Welcome to Bumblebee Class!


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Hello and welcome to Bumblebee Class, we are looking forward to an exciting year in Year 1.

Our class teachers are Miss Carter (M,Tu,W) and Mrs Shuttleworth (Th,F)

Miss May is our TA.

We will update you with home learning tasks each day. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us on Purple Mash using 2email. We'd love to hear what you have been doing.




Today's home learning

Home Learning – Wednesday 15th July



  • reading
  • practise your spellings using spelling shed (edshed)
  • Number bonds using maths shed (edshed)
  • Online Phonics lesson – Youtube letters and sounds


Remember if you need any help or want to contact me, email me through Purple Mash.

Log on to Purple Mash, then click on computing, then click on 2email and then 2email again.
It would be lovely to hear what you have been up to.


English activity



Additional comments

15th July

Oh no! Your alien ship crash landed and your alien is missing!!


You need to create a wanted poster to help find your alien. Make sure you include the adjectives you thought of yesterday to include lots of descriptions to help find them!


You might want to use my example below to help you…




Have you seen an alien? He has one huge silver eye and two sharp white horns. He is funny but really shy so might get scared if you try and play with him…


REWARD: ______________


We have written a Wanted poster before so you can use this to help you.




You might want to draw a picture of your alien on your poster too.


Maths activity



Additional comments

15th July

Watch Summer week 12 lesson 3 on Whiterose - homelearning.


You could:

Complete the worksheet. This is available to download via the additional page on our class page – just click on the calculator.

You could print this off or talk through the answers with a grown up.


Watch the videos on BBC Bitesize and have a go at the interactive activities on the website.




Other activities


Activity –

Additional comments

15th July

Using google, search for images of different planets.


Which planet is your favourite? Why?

What features of the planets for you like the best? Why?

Are all the planets the same? What is the same? What is different?


This afternoon I would like you to design your own planet. Your planet will be the home of your alien. Think carefully about what colour and details you could like to include as tomorrow we will be writing some simile sentence about our planets.


You might want to use a paper plate and decorate it or if you fancied a bigger project you could make your planet by using a balloon and using paper-mache.


Need some more ideas?


If you would like an OPTIONAL spelling task.

Please find below the animal challenges.

There are many ways these can be practised at home, for example, using chalks or paints. The challenges we have provided do not mirror the challenge they reached at school. For the time being we would like you to focus on recapping these first. Maybe just choose 4 or 5 at a time so it is not overwhelming. 

Please contact us on purple mash if you have any questions.



Purple mash has lots of fun maths games. You can also find lots of interactive games on

Be careful with the settings for some of the games - they can become tricky quickly. 



Teach your monster to read is currently free to download on the apple app store and only 99p for androids. The fun games take your child through the process of learning a new sound, practising using that sound and applying their knowledge to write words. It is a fun game and they won't even realise they are learning! 


You child has an espresso login in their reading record. You can use this to login to discovery education - espresso. If you have saved your login details the following QR code will take you straight to Ash's phonics which most of the children have nearly completed. Here they can watch videos and complete activities for each of the phase 5a sounds. 



If you have any further questions please contact me via 2email on Purple Mash.

Have you found your child's Purple Mash log in in their reading record? Read this letter for some more information.