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Badger Class Y1

Welcome to Badger class!

Welcome to Badger class, Year 1!
We hope you all had a great Easter and are excited for the Summer term ahead!

Our class teachers are Mrs Brown (Mon, Tues and Weds) and Miss Duncan (Thurs&Fri)

Please try, if possible, to read with an adult at home five times a week.
Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
PE this half term will be on a Wednesday and Friday.

Summer 1 Curriculum Newsletter

We have had yet another busy week in Badger class! Following on from our previous focus text ‘Handa’s Surprise’, we began the new half term by making our own fruit salads to take home.  We worked hard together to prepare and chop the fruit correctly and we were even able to write a set of instructions the next day, to tell someone else how to make it.  We thought about what ingredients and equipment were needed and the order in which we made the salad. In maths, we have been learning about halves and quarters. We have been able to find a half/quarter of different shapes and even different numbers or amounts! A reminder that Sports day is (weather permitting) on Tuesday afternoon, so please make sure that children have their PE kits in school.


Finding halves and quarters

We went on a wild plant hunt!

We have throroughly enjoyed our new text ‘Handa’s Surprise’. Last week, we were brave and tried some of the unusual fruits from the story. We used our touch, smell, taste and sight to think of interesting adjectives to describe the fruits. This week we have worked together in groups to sequence the story correctly and used masks to act out parts of the text and retell it in our own words. Well done, Badgers!

Handa’s Surprise

Wow, what a busy half term we have had Badgers! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We have thoroughly enjoyed our topic on the Great Fire of London.  The children were all able to write and publish their own diaries, imagining that they were caught in the fire themselves! We made our own ‘Tudor style’ houses and even went into the Forest school with Mr Simpson to watch him burn them down and recreate our own great fire! Over the last two weeks, our ‘fire’ topic has moved onto dragons! We went on a dragon hunt to find clues of their existence around the school and were even sent a letter from the ‘Dragon association’. They asked us to create reports on different types of dragons for their new book and did an excellent job. Please see some of our photographs in the slide shows below. Well done, Badgers! We hope you have a lovely Easter, filled with lots of fun and of course, chocolate!

Our non-chronological reports about dragons!

Our diary entries in the style of Samuel Pepys

The Great Fire of London

We had a brilliant week exploring the text ‘The Lost Words’ for Book week. We went on a nature hunt, labelled the items we had found, made nature book marks and produced some black out poetry. We then focused our efforts on Magpies! We made our own chocolate nests and talked about what treasures we would put in there! We also created a poem about a feather and described what magpies were like by thinking of some interesting adjectives. Well done, Badgers!

Today, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday a week early by reading Mr Wolf’s Pancakes! We stopped the story close to the end and worked together to make some great predictions about what might happen next.  Would Mr Wolf let the other characters have some of his pancakes?! Then we enjoyed a little treat -  tasting some of our own pancakes, before finishing the rest of the story. Well done, Badgers!

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes!

We have been really enjoying our topic on Julia Donaldson and ‘The Snail and the Whale’. Yesterday, we worked hard to think of questions that we’d like to ask each of the characters and participated in some ‘hot seating’ together as a whole class.  Today, we described different settings from the story.  Well done, Badgers! 

Snail and the Whale

This week, we found out that Boris the badger had been on his holidays to both a hot and a cold country over Christmas.  He brought in his suitcase for us all to see and we were able to sort through the different items of clothing inside.  We talked about whether he will have worn them in a hot climate or a cold one and discussed the reasons why. The children were very excited and were able to draw themselves wearing a winter outfit, explaining why they need to wear gloves, a hat and a coat. Well done, Badgers!

We have started to look at 3D shapes in maths this week.  We compared them to 2D shapes and tried really hard to remember their different names.  We used vocabulary such as ‘edges’ and ‘faces’ to describe what they look like and went on a shape hunt around the classroom.  In English, we have started writing our information texts about wolves as part of our non-fiction unit.  We have discussed the role of headings and subheadings and looked at different examples of non-fiction texts. Some of us were even brave enough to read aloud the introductions we had written to the rest of the class. Well done, Badgers! 

The children had a brilliant afternoon experiencing what life may have been like for children in Victorian times. There were some brilliant costumes - thank you so much for your support! We started off the afternoon lining up the boys and girls separately. The children were also given new names and some money to pay for their education. Mrs Brown explained all about the dunces hat (luckily, no one had to wear it!) and we recited our number bonds together. We made some Victorian toys (thaumatropes), played marbles, worked on our handwriting and of course, said our prayers and talked about Queen Victoria.

Well done, Badgers!

Our Victorian afternoon!

This week, we have been doing lots of work about the wolf from the Three Little Pigs.  We thought of questions that we would like to ask him if we could and worked together to write a short character description.  In Maths, we have been using different objects to write our own subtraction stories. We have also been working hard to learn our number bonds to 10. In Science, the Three Little Pigs wrote to us asking for our advice.  They want  to build a brand new, waterproof house, but are unsure of what to use, so have asked Badger Class for some assistance. We will be investigating different materials and their properties before we advise the Little Pigs on which one we think is the best for them to use

This week in maths, we have been trying really hard to learn our number bonds to 10.  We have used number cards and part, part, whole diagrams to help us find them all and have started to solve missing number bond  to 10 problems! We have also really enjoyed learning our Number Bonds to 10 song and have been practising this lots.

On Friday, we did lots of special remembrance activities including writing words to describe soldiers and thank you messages for all of the hard work they do. We also created a soldier silhouette which we covered in poppies - if you would like to have a look at this, it is inside the main reception area.

Remembrance Day

This week in maths, we have been trying really hard to learn our number bonds.  We have used number cards and part, part, whole diagrams to help us to find all the number bonds within a number.  For example, the number 6 - we know that 0+6=6, 1+5=6, 2+4=6, 3+3=6 etc. The children have also been using their senses to write short poems about harvest and Halloween. They really enjoyed their trip to the church to help with the Labyrinth project.  Well done, Badgers! We hope you all have a lovely half term and we will see you on Wednesday 7th November!


This week, we really enjoyed learning more about harvest and why we have a Harvest Festival. We celebrated together with the rest of the school up at the church and wrote some excellent poems. We are very excited about making our own bread and tasting some different foods next week. Have a lovely weekend, Badgers!

Harvest Festival

Some photographs from this week - we have been very busy badgers!

This week in art we have been trying hard to draw our facial features in detail.  We used mirrors to help us to sketch our eyes, ears, noses and mouths.  This will really help us when we come to draw our self portraits next week. 

Another brilliant week in Badger class! In maths, we have been ordering numbers from the smallest to the greatest, using number cards, number lines and numicon.  We have also been looking at the numbers 1-10 and how they are written in word form. We have spoken about ‘Charlie the Crocodile’ and how he always eats the greatest number.  Some of us have even started to use =, < and > in our maths books when comparing two numbers. Well done! In English we met the real life Rosie the hen! We then created our own short fact file about chickens.


Thanks so much for all the contributions to Sophie’s party last week. It is very much appreciated. The children

 all really enjoyed celebrating together.

Ordering numbers and looking at number words

We have had another great week in Badger class. In English we have been looking at the short story ‘Rosie’s walk’ and many of us can now re-tell the story independently! We have been thinking of our own sentences to describe where Rosie went and have produced some beautiful work in our English books.  As part of our mapping topic in Geography, we have been following maps to find Rosie. We also learnt about compass points and worked as a group to make our own map with a key! 


In maths this week we have been counting backwards from the number 10 and trying hard to order different numbers correctly.  We have also been finding missing numbers within a number sequence.  We had lots of fun doing ‘rocket counting’ and working together in groups to count in different voices. 


Have a lovely weekend, Badgers!

What a busy second week we have had in Badger class!

As part of our Roald Dahl birthday celebrations, we have been looking at parts from both the 'BFG' and 'George's Marvellous Medicine' story books.  We worked hard to create our own 'dream jars' and thought about the different ingredients that we would use in our own 'marvellous medicine!' The children also wrote their own sentence to describe what their medicine mix would do to poor, old Grandma.  There were so many creative ideas - from sending her up to space, to making her shrink to the size of an ant! Great work, Badgers!

In Maths, the children have all really impressed us with their excellent counting to 10. We have been singing lots of counting songs, ordering number cards, using tens frames to show different numbers  and counting different objects.

It’s Friday already, which means we’ve finished our first week in Badger class! We have been so proud of how well the children have all come back into school after a long summer break. They have all settled in brilliantly and have been working so hard - well done, Badgers! This week, we have been getting to know each other. We have been looking at the book ‘You choose’ by Nick Sharratt to help us to learn more about eachothers interests. Today, we focused on where we live. We drew and built our ‘dream house’ using Lego, stickle bricks and 2D shapes. We had some brilliant ideas, including a marshmallow house and a pink, princess castle! Have a lovely weekend!

First week back!