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Walk to School Week

Walk to school week activities – information for parents

Dear parents

Its Walk to School Week Monday 20th to Friday 24th May 2019, a national initiative to encourage more active travel to school. As part of our participation in The Bridgwater Way project, we’ll be encouraging all our children to walk/scoot to school over this week. Please read on to find out more!

      1. will we be doing during Walk to School week?

Help our Walking Tree bloom!

Each day, children who walk/scoot to school will decorate and stick an item to our walking tree, bringing it to life over the week with leaves, colourful blossom, flowers, insects and animals. At the end of the week the children will be able to see just how much their activity has made the tree bloom!

If your child is unable to walk/scoot all the way to school, they can also take part if they cycle to/from school, or ‘park and stride’ – get dropped off near school to walk the final 5-10 mins of the journey.

Have fun on the way with our walk/scoot activity cards

In advance of walk to school week, every child will be provided with a walk/scoot activity card to encourage them to take the time to spot objects and people around them as they walk/scoot to school. Together you can play ‘Bridgwater Way Bingo’ to spot and cross off objects and people you see – how many bingo lines can you complete over the week? Or play the ABC game and write as many things as you can see on your walk/scoot to school, starting with each letter of the alphabet - how many can you complete?

      1. would we like you to do?

You have a big role to play! Please encourage and enable your child to walk/scoot or cycle to school throughout the week, as much as possible. If you really have to drive, perhaps you could set off a little earlier, park away from the school to walk the last 5-10mins together? If you take a bus, perhaps get off one stop earlier to build in more walking time together? Every bit of additional activity makes a difference!

      1. is active travel important?

There are lots of benefits for children travelling actively to school:

  • Encouraging socialising with parents or friends, while promoting independence and road sense
  • Tackling childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes and other physical and mental health illnesses associated with underactive lifestyles
  • Fewer car trips, which results in less congestion around school gates and surrounding streets. This helps to improve air quality and provide a safer environment for everyone
  • Children arrive at school more alert and ready to learn than those who come by car

We hope that you and your child have fun taking part in our Walk to School week!


The Bridgwater Way is a project focussed on helping to keep Bridgwater moving as the town goes through a period of significant growth and investment. By providing information, advice and tools, people can choose the best time to travel and routes to use, and help reduce the need to travel in the first place. In particular we help people avoid times when the roads are busiest. It includes investment in new roads and improvements to existing roads and junctions, as well as miles of new and improved routes for pedestrians and cyclists. It also offers active travel initiatives to make getting to work or school easier and safer. You can find out more at on Twitter @BridgwaterWay or