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Welcome to Lamb Class!

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Hello & welcome to Lamb Class. 


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In Lamb class we have Mrs Gibbon, our Teacher.  On a Wednesday we are lucky because Madame Wilson teaches us some French.  Mrs Crispin and Miss Griffiths are our Classroom Assistants, who always help us. 


20.07.18 - Today was our 'bug ball'.

We made butterfly biscuits and a butterfly sweet made from a peg!

We finished the day with a 'bug assembly', we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did?

06.07.18 We haven’t got many weeks left in Lamb Class, but we have enjoyed finding out about different animals and the story, Dear Zoo! See all the fun things we have been doing!

29.06.18 We had a lot on fun at Bristol Zoo on Monday. It was a very hot day and some of the animals were having a lazy day. We manged to get very close to the lion, we’re just glad he was asleep! The gorilla thought he would take a closer look at us though! We hope you enjoy sharing some of our photos. We do have some very funny looking meerkats though!

15.06.18 We have had fun with Minibeasts again this week. We have learnt more about caterpillars and bees! Our Video was called Caterpillar's Shoes. We also had a bug hunt as well as enjoying Sports activities. What a busy week!

08.06.18 We are feeling a little bit sad as this is our last half term together in Lamb Class! L


However, we have been amazed by your hard work in the Holidays with your Minibeast Challenge and have enjoyed listening to each other telling us all what they have made or found out. Luckily only one of the children had a spider to scare me with!


We wanted to share our amazing work with everyone! J

Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge

Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 1
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 2
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 3
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 4
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 5
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 6
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 7
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 8
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 9
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 10
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 11
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 12
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 13
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 14
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 15
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 16
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 17
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 18
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 19
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 20
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 21
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 22
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 23
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 24
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 25
Our Holiday Minibeast Challenge 26

18.05.18 - We have had such a fun day celebrating the royal wedding today.

We had a special assembly this morning then made crowns, flags and button holes ready for the wedding this afternoon.

After the wedding we enjoyed our yummy cakes

11.05.18 We have loved reading Jasper’s Beanstalk this week. It reminds us of a story we already know …

04.05.18 This week we are Super Writers! We have really enjoyed trying secret superhero writing and our superhero day. Come and see our amazing work …

27.04.18 This week we have continued to enjoy the further adventures of Supertato and the Evil Pea. In Lamb and Duckling classes we had to work hard to think of a really good way to stop the evil pea. We think we came up with some great ideas, but if you want to find out more, you need to read on …

20.04.18 This week has been very exciting! We have enjoyed reading about Supertato and the Evil Pea! Come and find out about our adventures as the Evil Peas have been playing tricks on us all week!

13.04.18 We have had a great week this week, thinking about Superheroes. You need to be careful if you come into Lamb Class as we are all super heroes with lots of amazing super powers!

Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter 2018

09.04.18 Welcome back to the Summer Term. We hope you had a great Easter holiday, despite the weather!


We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU For all your exciting Holiday Homework and the hard work you have put into it. We now know lots about how to keep ourselves healthy.

21.03.18 We had the best day at Kingscliff! We walked, laughed and played with our friends! We got more adventurous throughout the day and helped each other as we climbed and explored!

16.03.18 Stick Man & World Book Day – Only One You


We have enjoyed a great day today where all of our books in the book corner came alive! Look at our amazing characters…

09.03.18 We enjoyed the snow last week, but have been hard at work this week! More Goldilocks and Fairtrade Friday!

23.02.18 This week we have learnt about the Chinese New Year, we have done lots of activities relating to it

 11.02.18. Wow! A massive WELL DONE to all of Sophie's Soldiers from Lamb & Duckling class who have completed their Mini 3 peaks challenge.  You have done an amazing job and raised over £1,000 for Musgrove Hospital.  You didn't have nice sunny weather, but we briefly enjoyed the snow shower today!


You all deserve your medals, well done we are so proud of all of you!





09.02.18 We have had an amazing week as we flew to the moon on Wednesday and had a picnic! We have learnt about Aliens and decided most of them are quite friendly.

 02.02.18  We have enjoyed another week learning about Space and are looking forward to our amazing journey next week! smiley

26.01.18 We enjoyed exploring role play using our Space Station in the classroom. How many children do you think went to visit the moon or other planets this week?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!

19.01.18 We have started our new Space topic this week and have enjoyed our story Whatever Next About a baby bear who went to the moon!

12.01.18 - Welcome back to school. We hope you had a lovely Christmas. It has been lovely listening to the things you have been doing and the exciting presents you received.

 08.12.17  We have had a lot of fun trying on our costumes ready for our Christmas play!  Today we had our photo taken but yesterday Mrs Gibbon took some pictures to show you what a treat you are in for next week!


Our Christmas Play

This week we have started practicing our Christmas Play and our singing.

We have also read and enjoyed the story of 'Elmer.' Elmer is a special elephant because he is different. Have a look at the work we have done .......

  24.11.17 This week we have read the book, 'Press here'. We have had a lot of fun with it and have done some great activities related to colour mixing.
17.11.17  Anti-Bullying and Children in Need week

10.11.17 - This week we had a very unusual visitor in our class. We also learnt about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.

Brown Bear and Remembrance Day

03.11.17 Diwali and Bonfire night. We have had another busy week this week and are looking forward to seeing some fireworks this weekend.

Diwali & Bonfire Night

19.10.17 For our last week before half term, we have enjoyed Incy Wincy Spider. Luckily, we didn’t see too many in the classroom! J

Incy Wincy Spider


We have learnt a new poem about 10 dinosaurs this week. Look at the fun things we have been doing …

Dinosaur Dinosaur

06.10.17 We have enjoyed the Wheels on the Bus this week. Come and look at some of the fun activities we have been doing …

The wheels on the Bus ...

   29.09.17  We have really enjoyed learning about Humpty Dumpty this week.  He's been very busy.  Come and find out all we have been doing!

Humpty Dumpty Week

Lamb and Duckling Class Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter 2017

22.09.17  This week we have enjoyed our second week at school and we are really starting to enjoy all of the fun things to do, look at and learn about!

We even went for a walk around to see where all of the older children, including our brothers and sisters learn in their classrooms.  We also met Mr Hobbs in his office!

We have had a really busy and enjoyable week!

Have a look at some of our photos ...

I have had a very enjoyable week visiting all of you at home, meeting your families and getting to know all about you. I am now very excited so see all of Lamb class at school this week!