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24th April 2019




After school today, Eco-team member Henry dropped off the 500 pens we've collected for recycling to Creech St Michael Primary School. Our school is still waiting to join the Terracycle scheme for pen recycling, so it was nice to be able to support another local  school. The staff and students were really welcoming and they were really pleased to be able to help us our with our recycling.


Take a look at the Terracycle website ( to see the journey our old pens will go on to become useful objects like watering cans and even new pens! 


Thank you to all our staff and students who have helped to keep these pens out of landfill by using the recycling boxes, and thank you for your support Creech St Michael Primary School! 


Keep recycling! 





We are a group of students that are keen to make our school a more environmentally friendly place to learn. We wrote speeches, and were elected by our classmates to represent our year groups. Mrs Caddy helps us to reach our goals. 


Our current members are Leah, Amelia, Jimmy, Jacob, Hugo, Joe, Alesha, Henry, Riley, Eleanor and Becca. 


We are working towards the Bronze Eco-Schools award, with our first whole school topic being Recycling. 


We have worked hard to ensure teachers and students understand how to recycle properly in their classrooms. Each classroom now has a clearly labelled green recycling box (which can recycle paper, plastic bottles, paper towels and cardboard) and a small brown box for pens (board markers, highlighters and biros). There is also battery recycling available in the staffroom! 


The Eco Team have been so impressed with the quantity of pens we've saved from landfill so far- over 500 since Christmas! These are sent off to Terracycle to made into useful plastic items, such as watering cans! 


We will be working on Litter and reducing Energy Costs over the next few months! 

What's this strange looking bird box?

What's this strange looking bird box?  1

North Petherton Primary School has been really lucky to have been given several bat boxes, and insect hotels from Simon Pidgeon, Managing Director of Quantock Ecology. 


These wildlife enhancements to the school site will help to encourage more wildlife around the village. Mr Simpson has been very busy putting the boxes up on the trees, climbing ladders and getting children from Forest School to decide on locations using their compass skills! Well done Mr Simpson and Forest School!  


This type of bat box makes a very good summer home for Common pipistrelle bats, such as this chap...


Image result for common pip 

We will keep you updated as soon as any bats move in!