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Bumblebee Class Y1

Welcome to Bumblebee Class!


Welcome to Bumblebee Class, Year One! We hope you have had a fantastic summer and are excited for the year ahead. 


Our teacher in Bumblebee Class is Miss Carter and our teaching assistant is Miss Bartlett.


Please try, if possible, to read with an adult at home five times a week. Reading books can be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also, please remember to bring both your reading books and your PE kits into school every day as we are very busy bees!



Welcome back and Happy New Year! 


Firstly, we would all like to say a big thank you for all of our wonderful Christmas presents. We felt very touched by your kindness and we hope you had a fantastic Christmas.


Please can you make sure that every child has a water bottle with them in school everyday and their P.E kits  as we are very lucky to have an extra P.E lesson with Mr Wright for the next four weeks. The children really enjoyed their first P.E session with Mr Wright and worked really hard together to solve some group challenges.


Next week we will be starting our new topic so watch this place! smiley





We have been working REALLY hard on our Christmas Nativity Concert and cannot wait to show all of you on Monday!! We hope you are going to enjoy it and be super proud!! Make sure you bring the tissues, for those proud parent moments! :-)

Throughout this week we have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas Concert. We have really enjoyed learning all of the different songs we will sing and finding out which nativity characters we will be.


In English, we have been learning all about non-fiction texts and have had a go at writing an information text about pigs as a whole class. Next week, we will be writing our very own information texts about bees and have enjoyed watching different videos and learning lots of interesting facts that we can include. 


We have started subtraction in maths and have been using the part part whole diagram to solve subtraction number sentences. We even had a go at 10/20 pin bowling where we wrote subtraction number sentences for the amount of pins we knocked down. We found this great fun! 





This week has been really busy. In English, we have written our own versions of 'The Three Little Pigs', by changing the main characters to some different animals. We had some interesting stories including, 'The Three Little Unicorns and the Big, Bad Horse', 'The Three Little Spiders and the Big, Bad Crocodile' and 'The Three Little Badgers and the Big, Bad Tiger' and have really impressed our teachers with just how well we have remembered the key parts of the story and have also used some brilliant adjectives!

In Maths, we have started to work on addition number sentences and have found our number bonds to 20 by partitioning objects in lots of different ways. We have also started to add together numbers to 10 and will go on to adding numbers to 20 next week.

In RE this week, we discussed the special events we have experienced in our lives. We then drew these as pictures and added them to a whole class memory jar. We really enjoyed learning more about special events for children in our class but also for those in different countries around the world.

A big thank you for all your contributions of chocolates and other goodies today, for the Christmas Fayre next Friday. We look forward to seeing you all there!!! 

This week we had a phone call from the 'police' to tell us that the wolf from 'The Three Little Pigs' was on the lose and they needed our help! We made WANTED posters, describing the wolf so that the police would be able to find him! Our posters were SO good, that we had another phone call to say that they had helped the police to catch the wolf!! Miss Carter thought our descriptions of the wolf were brilliant and we even included questions and exclamation marks! We then published our wanted posters on coffee stained paper which we really enjoyed, even though it was a bit smelly!!

In maths, we have been continuing with our more than and less than work and have been ordering numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest. We also started to use the < and > symbols to compare the numbers and making crocodile mouths to munch up the biggest number, what greedy crocodiles!!

Today was Children in Need and we ran a whole mile around the school!! We tried really hard and were quite tired afterwards but we had lots of fun and did raise lots of money!!!


Great work Bumblebees!!!


This week in English we have practised writing sentences remembering our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces to retell parts of 'The Three Little Pigs'. Miss Carter has been really impressed by our sentences and the fact we were able to remember SO much about the story. We also met THE BIG BAD WOLF and decided to give him a questioning session to find out just why he is SO mean. We all wrote some excellent questions (with question marks!!) to ask the wolf and he turned out to not be quite so bad and scary after all.

In our topic lessons, we have also spent time looking at lots of different materials which we sorted  and described. We were also able to tell Miss Carter lots of information that we knew about the different materials! 

In Maths we have been doing lots of work on 'more than' and 'less than' and played game where we asked lots of questions to find a missing number! We also have worked on reading numbers as words and have used this in our work!

A super, busy week! Well done Bumblebees!

We had a really exciting start to the week as we found an animal den in the forest school area. We followed the clues (including some piggy tails, footprints, '100 Ways to Cook a Pig' cookbook AND some REAL bones) to find out who would live in a house like this? We managed to work out that it belonged to the wolf from the Three Little Pigs! Over the rest of the week in English, we have started to learn the story by making our own story maps, collaged dens and took part in a really exciting drama workshop. 

In maths, we have been practising counting forwards and backwards with numbers from 0 - 20 and have really impressed Miss Carter and Miss Bartlett by finding missing numbers in a sequence. 

Super work this week Bumblebees!!

We have had a busy week this week in Bumblebee Class. We have been learning 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' in English and have really enjoyed creating a story map with actions to help us remember the story. We have also been learning how to find one more or one less than a given number in maths as well as starting to learn our number bonds to ten!! We have used unifix cubes and Numicon pieces to help us to explore different number bonds and have even started to learn a number bond rap AND a number bonds to 10 song!

Super work this week Bumblebees! 

We have had lots of fun this week learning more about 'Harvest Festival' following our work on 'Rosie's Walk'. On Friday (No Pens Day),  we got to make our very own tasty bread and try lots of different types of food. We used our senses really well to describe what we could taste, feel, see and smell.


Well done Bumblebee, you have worked super hard this week!




This week we have started our new topic which includes learning about our school and local area to find out lots of information about where we live. We started this topic with a walk around the school to investigate all of the interesting features that we could find in our school grounds including the fort, vegetable garden, forest area and so forth. We also used google maps in class to look at the school from an aerial view which we found really interesting, but also a little bit strange!!


Take a look at our school walk in the photos below. 

We have had a really exciting week in Bumblebee class. On Monday, we continued learning about ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by looking at the life cycle of a hen as well as meeting a real life one in the afternoon. We decided to name the hen Rosie!! We were all really enthusiastic to be able to touch Rosie and were surprised by how soft she was. Over the week, we have started to look at lots of different farm animals and have used these to write some SUPER sentences in English. Miss Carter was super impressed with all of our finger spaces and punctuation on Friday. In maths we have continued to write numbers as numerals and words and have also started to learn how to count in 2’s. We really enjoyed the counting in 2’s rap and using a hot potato to practise just how well we can count forwards and backwards in 1’s to 20 and counting forwards in 2’s to 20.  

This week we have been learning the story of 'Rosie's Walk'. As a class we created a story map with our own actions to help us remember all of the places Rosie visited on her farm. We managed to retell parts of the story by writing full sentences with both capital letters and full stops and drew some pictures as illustrations. In groups, we also managed to sequence the events of the story in the correct order. Over the week, we have also had some fun with drama activities by creating fox and hen masks to hot seat the main characters using questions the children created themselves. We all seem to be really enjoying learning about 'Rosie's Walk' and will carry on learning more about Rosie the hen and her farm including taking part in special farming surprises next week!

Well done Bumblebees.


In maths this week we have been writing our numbers from 0 - 10 in numerals and in words. We have also been practising ordering our numbers from smallest to largest and managed to do this all by ourselves!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We have had a really fun second week in Bumblebee Class. On Wednesday, we had a  'Roald Dahl day' where we talked about some of our favourite Roald Dahl books and films, before reading the story of the 'Enormous Crocodile' together. The children loved using their knowledge of numbers to 20 to cut out and make different amounts of crocodile teeth using play-doh. We also used lots of different shapes to create our very own crocodiles. The children also worked really well independently to complete different 'Willy Wonka' sums and built towers of 'sweets', using number cards to 20 and unifix cubes. We have also started to have our very own 'dough-disco' after lunch by using play-doh to help us improve our fine motor skills and have really impressed Miss Carter and Miss Bartlett with how quickly we have learnt the moves! 


Have a super weekend Bumblebees! 

Roald Dahl day pictures!

For the children that would like a little bit of extra practise at home, here is the link to our Wake and Shake song that we will be doing in class over the next couple of weeks. 


Have fun dancing!


We have had a super first week getting to know each other and we have all settled into Year One really well. Over the week, we have been busy impressing Miss Carter and Miss Bartlett with just how good we are at counting forwards and backwards to and from ten (and even 20!) and writing sentences. We have also enjoyed sharing our favourite stories with one another and have also made some bookmarks to take home with us to use in our reading books.


Take a look at the photos above to see some of the activities that we have been up to this week. 


A huge well done Bumblebees, have a great weekend! smiley