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Badger Class Y1

Welcome to Badger class!

Welcome to Badger class, Year 1! We hope you have had a great summer and are very excited for the year ahead.

Our class teachers are Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Tainton and our teaching assistants are Mrs Balsom and Mrs England.

Friday 23rd March

This week Badger Class have been getting into the Easter spirit and were visited by some lovely little lambs!! They were really friendly and we enjoyed petting them and watching them be fed. Thank you so much to Mrs Hughes for bringing these in. During the week we have also made some really yummy Easter nests and learnt all about the Easter story. 


We have also finished our Fire Fire topic with a visit from a fireman who taught us all about fire safety and we watched How to Train a Dragon which we all really enjoyed.


Today has been Sport Relief, thank you for the donations that you made to a great cause. 


Have a fantastic Easter holiday and don't eat too much chocolate!!! 😊😊

Today has been World Book Day. We have had a fantastic day full of exciting activities including a fashion show, making book marks and swapping old stories. We have also been looking at a new book called 'Only One Me' and have been thinking about how we are all special and unique by painting our starting to create very own pebble fish and creating a large collaged fish where we have written sentences about how we are special.  Take a look at the photos below!! We will update you with the finished pebbles at the end of the week.


Thank you for all of the fantastic costumes you have created, you all look superb!! 

Friday 9th March

We have had a really busy day today (Friday) in Year One as we have learnt all about Pablo the Banana and have been busy completing lots of Fairtrade activities, including decorating our own bananas and making banana and chocolate Fairtrade muffins!! We were all super excited to take these home to eat.


In English this week, we have finished learning about non-chronological reports by inventing our very own dragons and then publishing our reports. Our teachers have been super impressed by just how creative we have been as we thought of some superb ideas including ‘Rubber Dragon’, ‘Snake Dragon’ ‘Spring Dragon’ and ‘Glitter Dragon’ and were able to write about what they looked like, where they are found and what they are known for.


Another fantastic week this week Badgers, have a super weekend.

This week in Badger Class, we made an exciting discovery… we found a dragon’s egg!!! Not only did we find the egg, but we found some scratches and broken egg shells so we have been on the lookout to try and spot any dragons around the school. We also watched a news report that showed us a dragon sighting near North Petherton and we received a letter from a famous dragonologist asking us for our help in creating a Non-Chronological Report about a Thunder Dragon so, we have been busy using lots of adjectives and exciting language planning our fact sheets that we are going to write next week. 


In maths, we have been rearranging addition number sentences so they start with the largest number so we can count on more easily. We have used been using numicon pieces and cubes and have started to use our fingers to help us count on from the largest number and even though we have found this quite tricky we have really impressed our teachers by keeping going and not giving up!


Next week it will be world book day on Thursday and we can't wait to see which book character the children will come dressed as! Please could we ask that they bring the book that they are from with them, for an activity during the day. They will be returned at the end of the day. Thank you. 


Have a super weekend Badgers. smiley   

Friday 9th February


This week we have been finishing off our work on the Great Fire of London.  Our topic of "Fire, Fire" will continue after the half term holidays and there will be some exciting events happening in year one (but we don't want to spoil the surprise, so you will have to wait and see what they will be!!) 

The children have all been working hard on their animal spelling challenges at home and we would like to thank you for your support in this. Over the holidays, if you would like to, the children could put their spellings into sentences, adding interesting words and making sure they have full stops an capital letters. 


We hope that you have a lovely half term break and look forward to seeing the children refreshed and ready to learn again on Monday 19th February! 

Friday 2nd February


We had some very exciting visitors yesterday, when Mrs Brown and baby Olivia came to see us! The children were very pleased to see Mrs Brown and asked her lots of questions. Olivia was good as gold and slept through most of her visit.

We had our last day of extra PE with Mr Wright today and played lots of great games. The children have enjoyed the extra sessions and we have learnt some new team games to play in the future.

In maths we have been playing lots of number games, including 'elevens'. This is a great game to play at home too, so ask your child to teach it to you (it's a great one to play in the car!).

At the beginning of the week we impressed Mrs Mitchell with some brilliant writing writing describing what it would be like to live in a world made of chocolate.

We have started making our houses in the style of the houses from the time of the Great Fire of London, so if you have any spare cereal boxes (or similar), we would be very grateful. 

Thank you. 

We have had a really exciting week in Year 1!! Throughout the week, we have learnt lots more interesting facts about The Great Fire of London. On Monday, we went outside to the Forest School area to see a REAL fire!!! We came back to the classroom and thought of loads of adjectives to describe what we could see/smell/hear and feel and wrote these as some exciting recount sentences.


We have also worked in groups to role play the main events of the fire. Our teachers were so impressed when we shared our acting in front of the whole class! As part of our English work, we have started to imagine that we lived in Pudding Lane during The Great Fire so, throughout the week, we have created our very own burning houses using oil pastels, tissue paper and black paper. We did these all by ourselves - take a look at the pictures below!


In Maths, we have carried on naming, drawing and describing 3D and 2D shapes.


We had Mr Wright again for PE today-have a look at our fantastic photos!


Fantastic work Badgers! smiley

Friday 19th January

We have had a very busy and exciting week learning all about the Great Fire of London!! An unexpected visitor left us a valuable item that we had to find. we followed clues left around the school and eventually were led to something buried in the ground!! Can you guess what it was? Samuel Pepys had left his cheese and wine hidden. We had to work out why he had left it there and why it was so valuable and thought up lots of questions. We are all very excited about finding out more next week and are already becoming mini experts on the Great Fire of London.


In Maths we have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties. We have had lots of fun sorting, making and playing with 3D shapes and finding the odd one out. 


Well done Badgers!


Welcome back and Happy New Year!


Firstly, we would all like to say a big thank you for all of our wonderful Christmas presents. We felt very touched by your kindness and we hope you had a fantastic Christmas.


Please can you make sure that every child has a water bottle with them in school everyday and their P.E kits as we are very lucky to have an extra P.E lesson with Mr Wright for the next four weeks. The children really enjoyed their first P.E session with Mr Wright and worked really hard together to solve some group challenges.


Next week we will be starting our new topic so watch this place! smiley

We have been working REALLY hard on our Christmas Nativity Concert and cannot wait to show all of you on Monday!! We hope you are going to enjoy it and be super proud!! Make sure you bring the tissues, for those proud parent moments! :-)

Throughout this week we have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas Concert. We have really enjoyed learning all of the different songs we will sing and finding out which nativity characters we will be. 


In English, we have been learning all about non-fiction texts and have had a go at writing an information text about pigs as a whole class. Next week, we will be writing our very own information texts about badgers and have enjoyed watching different videos and learning lots of interesting facts that we can include. 


We have started subtraction in maths and have been using the part part whole diagram to solve subtraction number sentences. We even had a go at 10/20 pin bowling where we wrote subtraction number sentences for the amount of pins we knocked down. We found this great fun! 

This week has been really busy. In English we have written our own versions of The Three Little Pigs, changing the main characters to our own animals. So we've had some interesting stories like, 'The three little unicorns and the big, bad horse', 'The three little spiders and the big, bad crocodile' and 'The three little badgers and the big, bad tiger'!!! We have really impressed our teachers with just how well we have remembered the key parts of the story and have used some brilliant adjectives in our re-tellings.

In Maths we have started to work on addition number sentences and have found our number bonds to 20 by partitioning objects in lots of different ways. We have also started to add together numbers to 10 and will go on to adding numbers to 20 next week.

A big thank you for all your contributions of chocolates and other goodies today, for the Christmas Fayre next Friday. We look forward to seeing you all there!!! 

This week in English we have practised writing sentences remembering our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces to retell parts of 'The Three Little Pigs'. Mrs Mitchell has been really impressed by our sentences and the fact we were able to remember SO much about the story. We also met THE BIG BAD WOLF and decided to give him a questioning session to find out just why he is SO mean. We all wrote some excellent questions (with question marks!!) to ask the wolf and he turned out to not be quite so bad and scary after all. 

I maths we have been continuing with our more than and less than work and have been ordering numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest. We also started to use the < and > symbols to compare the numbers and making crocodile mouths to munch up the biggest number.

Today was Children in need and we ran a whole mile around the school!! We tried really hard and were quite tired afterwards but we did raise lots of money!!!

Great work Badger class! 

We have had another exciting week in Badger class!! 

Today we had a phone call from the 'police' to tell us that the wolf from the Three Little Pigs story was on the lose and they needed our help! We made WANTED posters, describing the wolf so that the police would be able to find him! Our posters were SO good, that we had another phone call to say that they had helped the police to catch the wolf!! Mrs Tainton thought our descriptions of the wolf were brilliant!

We also spent time looking at lots of different materials at the beginning of the week. We sorted them and described them for Mrs Mitchell. 

In Maths we have been doing lots of work on 'more than' and 'less than' and played a really good target number game using a number line! We also worked on reading number words and using them as well as the 'real' numbers!! 

Another very busy week-well done Badger class!!


We had a really exciting start to the week as we found an animal den in the forest school area. We followed the clues (including some piggy tails, footprints, '100 Ways to Cook a Pig' cookbook AND some REAL bones) to find out who would live in a house like this? We managed to work out that it belonged to the wolf from the Three Little Pigs! Over the rest of the week in English, we have started to learn the story by making our own story maps, collaged dens and took part in a really exciting drama workshop. 

In maths, we have been practising counting forwards and backwards with numbers from 0 - 20 and have really impressed Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Tainton and Mrs Boulson by finding missing numbers in a sequence. 

Super work this week Badgers!!

This week, we have been learning how to find one more or one less than a given number. We have also started to recognise and learn number bonds to 10.  We have used unifix cubes and Numicon pieces to help us to explore different number bonds, before recording them as number sentences in our books, e.g. 2 + 8 = 10

We have have had lots of fun this week learning about Harvest Festival following our work on ‘Rosie’s Walk’. On Friday (No Pens Day), we got to make our very own tasty bread and try lots of different types of foods. We used our senses really well to describe what we could, taste, see, feel and smell.


Well done Badger Class, you have worked really hard this week!

Picture 1
Picture 2
This week, we have continued with our 'Rosie's Walk' theme and even started to look at other farm animals.  On Monday, we were visited by two very friendly chickens! The children loved learning more about them and it was a great afternoon. We have been using our knowledge about other farm animals to write our own sentences in English and we have been learning to count in 2s during Maths. The children have all worked really hard and we have been really proud of the work that they have produced!

Rosie's walk and farm animals

Recognising numbers to 10, written as numerals and words

This week in English, we have been looking at the story 'Rosie's walk'. The children worked hard to learn the story, with some brilliant actions and they were able to sequence it correctly. We worked together in groups to think of different questions that we would like to ask Rosie and the Fox, before 'hot-seating' the characters. Well done to those children who volunteered to play the part of Rosie and the Fox, whilst the rest of the class asked them lots of interesting questions!

We have been using play-doh and joining in with 'dough-disco' to improve our fine motor skills!

Wednesday of this week was 'Roald Dahl day'. We talked about some of our favourite books and films, before reading the story of the 'Enormous Crocodile' together. The children loved using their knowledge of numbers to 20 to cut out and make different amounts of crocodile teeth. We also used different shapes to try and create our very own crocodile and even watched a short animation of the story. The children worked well independently to complete some 'Willy Wonka' sums and built towers of 'sweets', using number cards to 20 and unifix cubes. 

We really enjoyed our activities linked to Roald Dahl day!

For the children who would like a little bit of extra practise at home, here is the link to our current Wake and Shake song.


Have fun dancing!




We have had a brilliant first week back in Badger class. Everyone has settled in so well and we have been really impressed with the children for remembering all of their new table places and new groups. Throughout the week, the children have enjoyed sharing their favourite stories with each other and acting out the story of The Enormous Turnip! We have also been working hard to read, write and count  numbers from 0-20. Well done Badgers, have a lovely weekend! 

Our first week!